Interwebs Vacation

Hi all,

I’m going to take a two-week blogger break, and a month-long break from facebook and twitter (unless it’s for work, we use social media in my job).

I’ve been increasingly nostalgic for the days before social media existed. I do appreciate social media, and all the conveniences it affords. However, I find that I’m spending more and more time looking at a screen and less time actually experiencing life and the great outdoors.

Now that the weather is warm, I want to run, and hike, and walk the dog. I want to sit and read on my porch. I want to garden. I want to do all the projects I say I’m going to do, but don’t get done because I’m distracted by screens.

So, I’m cutting myself off from Facebook. Disabled it on my phone. I’ll resist the urge to look at Twitter first thing in the morning.

I’ll pick up the paper. I’ll read books. I’ll hike and run and go to yoga class. I’ll cook. I’ll juice. I might even bake.

I’ll be back to blogging in a couple of weeks, but for now, I need to get ouside.


One thought on “Interwebs Vacation

  1. I’m with ya on this one. I recently just read an article in the New York Times on this very topic. N and I have declared certain areas of our house/etc that are now no-phone zones including all inter webs stuff.

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