“We’re not having hot mush today. . .we’re having cold mush”

D and I have been traveling a lot the past month. Which means I haven’t been very good about planning meals. I went to the grocery store the other day and just bought a bunch of ingredients that I figured I could turn into something. . .

Which has resulted in a lot of meals looking like bowls of mush. Tasty mush, but mush.

It all started with Isa’s Tempeh Helper recipe from Appetite for Reduction. This was made pre-grocery trip with ingredients I had in my cupboard. Her Easy Chreezy Sauce is super easy and delicious. It’s so easy, I made it again tonight and put it over some rotini pasta.

For another quick meal, I made another Appetite for Reduction dish – Unfried Refried beans. Again, super tasty. Also super mushy. I spooned the beans over some quinoa to add a little bulk to the meal. Also, we had some homemade salsa which added a nice kick to the meal. And of course, topped it off with some Daiya cheddar.

And finally, it a great display of utilizing leftovers to make a complete meal, I took some of the leftover Ratatouille from the last vegan potluck and turned it into a sandwich. Add a side of leftover Tempeh Helper, and I had a filling Saturday lunch. Yes, a salad is missing from this plate.

And of course, I couldn’t cook with my little helpers. The gray blur is our cat Shiloh. River is in love with Shiloh, so he’s showing it by sniffing her bottom. She’s not to happy about it, but she loves him too.

So, my goal for the next few weeks is to try to make some non-mushy dinners!


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