Sea of Puppies

On Sunday, Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta (where we adopted River) hosted “Gentle Giants in the Park”. More than 100 Great Pyrenees attended the event, which made for a sea of white in Pickneyville Park in Norcross.

It was such a fun event, especially to see River with his “own kind.”

River meets a friend

River is a “toy pyrenees” (ok I made that up). He’s two years old and approx. 70 pounds. We met some six month old puppies that were bigger than River.

A sea of white adorableness

Maybe, he’s really only six months?

Someone’s excited to meet River
These big girls had bows on their ears, but were a little camera shy

If you are considering adopting, and have room for a Pyr – they truly are gentle giants. They are good with kids and most of them  get along with cats. They are big, but you might be able to find a “Toy Pyr” like we have.

The group from afar
Our sweet boy

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