30th Birthday Part 2: A day of riddles

I woke up on Saturday morning ravenous. I was ready for brunch!

D started off the morning with a riddle, so I could guess where we were going for breakfast:

“What if Danny DeVito’s wife opened a restaurant for kitty cats?”

The answer “It would be called Ria’s Bluebird!!”

Ria’s has long been on my list to try, and Saturday was a perfect morning for it! I was in the mood for a big stack of potatoes, so when I saw the Bionic Breakfast, I knew it was perfect for me! (of course, I forgot my camera, because I was so hungry!)

We also enjoyed a side of Soysage. D had the Southwest Tofu Scramble, which was also divine.

After brunch I took a long, much needed nap – followed by a family outing to the dog park.

At the dog park, I got my next riddle for our plans for the evening: “Your dreamy home away from home by the sea.”

It took me a while to guess. I started guessing seaside destinations: parent’s beach house in Grayton, Savannah, Charleston. . .

D told me it’s not as much about the destination. I was baffled.

It was only on the interstate, where I saw signs for Athens that I figured out we were going to a concert.

What concert? Oh yeah, BEACH HOUSE!!!

I love Beach House, and it holds a special place in my heart.

Before Beach House, we went and ate at The Grit, a famous vegetarian restaurant in Athens. I had been once before for breakfast, and I was STARVING when we went on Saturday.

A friend of mine was telling me about their famous Golden Bowl, so I knew I had to try it.

Golden bowl of yumminess. Photo not mine.

The golden bowl is probably the most delicious meal I’ve had since going vegan. I’m a big nutritional yeast fan, and this dish is loaded with nooch! We even had a little leftover for lunch on Sunday!

With full tummies, we headed to the Georgia Theatre and grabbed some stools on the third level. We settled in and had a great evening with Beach House and their dreamy tunes.

Missed Part 1 of my birthday weekend extravaganza?

Coming soon- Part 3: A day of rest. . .



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