30th Birthday Part 3: Let’s go bowling

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. We were supposed to go to the in-laws for Mother’s Day, but my MIL got sick. So we spent a lot of the day lazing about and reading.

That night, we met up with my friends E & T. I grew up next-door to E, and we’ve been friends ever since. She lives up in Brookhaven, so we met them for an evening of bowling at 300 Atlanta.

300 Atlanta is a pretty swanky bowling alley with nice plush seating and your own “lane attendant” who will bring you drinks and food. Not much on the menu looked vegan friendly, but I do know that for special occasions, they’ll do a vegetarian buffet on request.

I did pretty well. Except for one game which was just abysmal.

Monday was my real birthday and D had one more surprise in store. . .

A hot stone massage!!!!

I love love love hot stone massages. He booked an appointment at Natural Body Spa and it was sublime. It’s been more than a year, if not more than two years since my last massage. Well, we did have a massage on our honeymoon, but it wasn’t a HOT STONE! I’m a little obsessed.

That night, we decided to chill out at home with some wine, and make a homemade pizza to christen our pizza stone.

We threw on Daiya, marinara sauce, avocado and soy crumbles. Delish!!

We also picked up some cupcakes from Carolyn’s Cupcakes and More in Oak Grove. They have Vegan cupcakes!!

It was an amazing birthday weekend. Thanks to my hubs for planning such a special entrance into my 30’s!


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