We interrupt this blogger. . .

So, you might have noticed a lag, if not sudden stop in my blogging this week.

Well, it’s because on Wednesday, D & I found out that we have to move out of our rental house.

We moved in last June, and we have one more year on our lease, so we weren’t anticipating a move for another year at least. We love our current house and were even hoping to renew.

But life happens.

Our landlord (who lives in New York State) lost his job, and after months of trying to find a new one, has decided to move his family back home to Atlanta. Which means, we get the boot.

He’s been a really nice landlord, and he’s a good person. So even though he’s breaking out lease, we don’t want to be jerks who refuse to move. He’s been pretty fair about compensation for this inconvenience.

So, we spend Wednesday night scouring Craigslist for houses and then I looked at a couple on Thursday. We think we have found The One just up the street from our current place. We both loved it, and are currently working through everything with the new landlord to get a new lease signed. It’s even got a fenced in yard for River!

Fingers crossed, we’ll have a new place by Monday, and we’ll be able to move in first week of July.


3 thoughts on “We interrupt this blogger. . .

  1. Hey Rachel, just getting caught up on your blog. I am bad to not read posts for a long time. šŸ˜¦ I was particularly sad to see this one about your move. Nate and I went through this exact thing (except rather than the landlord losing a job and moving back in, the landlord foreclosed on the home and lost it to the bank without any notice to us). We loved where we were and had to move suddenly and it was the Worst. I hope that the new place you’re in is wonderful and beloved even more. Wish the best for us as we get ready to have our second move this year to a more permanent locale (Kirkwood!)! šŸ™‚

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