It’s a crossover post! Atlanta Nosh

Hello everyone! Today’s episode of FormerFishTacoFanatic is a crossover!

Last Sunday, I went to check out the Atlanta Nosh with LuminousVegans and our friend A (aka TenaciousTeacher).

The Nosh spawned from what used to be the Atlanta Underground Market (AUM). AUM was the worst-kept “secret” in Atlanta because the place was always PACKED whenever they held their market event. I attempted to attend an AUM last winter, but didn’t get there early enough and got frustrated with the parking situation and left. wah-wah.

But, I was happy to see that they moved to a permanent venue in Atlantic Station, and it’s now FREE!!

We got there early, about 12:30 p.m. but we stayed almost until the end and it never seemed to get overwhelmingly crowded.

Our first stop was Pure Abundance, where everything was vegan! The owners said they recently went vegan after being vegetarian for years and feel great!

Pure Abundance All Vegan Menu!

I also had the Buffalo Bleu Taco and the Mango Tango Taco. I loved the corn tortilla, which says a lot because I’m usually not a corn tortilla fan.

Buffalo Bleu
Buffalo Bleu
Mango Tango

Next, we stopped to try the WOWza Vegan dumplings and since we were parched, we also had this delish Pineapple juice! Here is the other half of our artsy photo of each other taking pictures of our food.

Watch out! Bloggers with cameras!

I opted to skip the chocolatey brownie dessert for a King of Pops!! I ordered the blackberry ginger limeade pop. I loved the spicy kick that the ginger gave the Popsicle. The perfect way to end a hot afternoon gorge-fest.

I bite my popsicles.

Atlanta Nosh is a great ways to spend a Sunday. It’s super affordable and you won’t leave hungry!


6 thoughts on “It’s a crossover post! Atlanta Nosh

  1. I’ve started making blackened tofu tacos at home. They are divine! I haven’t seen them on a menu anywhere, and what a shame. So far, my kitchen is my favorite resto for tofu tacos!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed our tacos! I wasn’t a corn tortilla fan either until I started making my own. Freshness is key with tortillas; thank you for waiting patiently while we made them. Is it ok if I use your pictures on our blog (giving you credit of course)? Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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