Gobble up this Turk’y

This weekend, we celebrated my nephew’s 1st birthday!!

Since I don’t know how my sister feels about photos of her baby on the internet, I’m going to abstain for this post. However, I’m really here to talk about the food.

My brother-in-law is the cook in their family, and since he was cooking for seven other people that evening he politely asked if we could bring our own main course, and he would make sure that a couple of the sides were vegan  for us.

So, I kind of forgot about bringing our own main course until that afternoon. We were out running errands anyways, so I figured I would find something quick and easy to make there.

Then, in the freezer section of Whole Foods I saw these:

Since I knew the main course for the omnivores was Chicken, I figured that this should go well with the sides my brother-in-law made.

These were delicious!! I’m seriously considering just buying these for Thanksgiving this year. The “turkey” is very moist and stuffed with cranberries and I think apricot. I actually liked this better than the Field Roast (although, that was really good too). It tastes like I remember Turkey tasting, but without the side effects of feeling too full and tired afterwards. And it paired great with the sauteed carrots and rice that my BIL made.

They took about 25 minutes to bake and they come with a gravy as well. The gravy only takes a couple minutes to heat up.

So, if you are in need of a quick and easy meal, definitely check these out! I think they are seasonal, so it might be a fluke that Whole Foods still had some, but pin this for your Thanksgiving ideas. It’s never too early to plan!

*This post wasn’t sponsored or paid for. I actually went out and purchased this product of my own free will. I bet Gardein doesn’t even know who I am. BUT, if they should stumble upon this blog and want to send me other products for review, I wouldn’t have a problem with that 🙂

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