The Revolution will be made of doughnuts

I took a break from packing to go to a new doughnut shop – Revolution Doughnuts!

They are located in Decatur, which is my absolute favorite place. Decatur is it’s own city, but it’s basically a part of Atlanta, located right next door. It’s got a great small-town feel, but with super cool shops, restaurants and nightlife. And lots of vegan-friendly places, like Revolution Doughnuts!

When I went into Revolution today, pretty much all of the items on the menu were vegan friendly. I ordered a vanilla bean, which is akin to a regular glazed doughnut. I also brought home a cinnamon sugar and dark chocolate for the hubs.

I also ordered a large iced coffee, since it was already 80 degrees at 11 a.m.

They make their donuts from scratch, and with “real” ingredients – so not only are they vegan-friendly, but you aren’t getting chemicals and preservatives in your body that you might get from some other doughnut chains. Of course, they are still doughnuts, and have calories just like anything else.

But it’s so worth the splurge. Hubbers and I will definitely have to go back for breakfast.

photo courtesy of Revolution Doughnut Facebook Page

Since I was already pointed in the right direction, I went over to Your DeKalb Farmers Market which is Mecca for produce, exotic spices, coffees and other yummy food products.  They are open 7 days a week, and pretty much always packed. Today was no exception, but again, so worth it. It’s fun just to look around, but I purchased some avocados and Georgia Peaches. I was tempted by some Coconut Oil, because it’s all the rage right now, especially among my fellow yogis, but I didn’t have enough cash on hand. However, it’s only $6, and completely natural, so I’m definitely picking some up the next time I go.

OK back to packing now.


3 thoughts on “The Revolution will be made of doughnuts

  1. Oh, I am so jealous! Just yesterday, my boyfriend and I were talking about wanting doughnuts, but there not being anywhere around us to get some… So we have to move to Atlanta, eh?… Their doughnuts look amazing.

  2. Yeah, those doughnuts will destroy me…they are like within biking distance to us which is sooo dangerous (in the best possible way, well, you know what I mean). And coconut oil is great for raw dishes/pies.

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