Weird Allergy

So, I’m allergic to Red Onions.  Not yellow, not white, not green.

Just red.

I’m also not allergic to anything else. Well, I did have a bad reaction to some eyedrops that they prescribed me in college for a scratched cornea. But other than that, nothing.


Oh delicious red onions. How I’ll miss thee.


Whenever I eat something with red onions, my throat swells up. Not enough to be life-threatening, but just enough to be uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

Sadly, my Willy’s burrito bowl had red onion in it the other day, and I spent the rest of the day hacking.

Anyone know why red onions would cause an allergy, and not other types of onions?

Anyone else have a random food allergy?


5 thoughts on “Weird Allergy

  1. I’m allergic to wheat which is one of the top 6 but Brent is allergic to quinine. He can’t have tonic water or grapefruit. We survive but man… I love grapefruit. Sometimes I have them at work when I’m not worried I’ll poison my beloved with quinine kisses.

    1. Oh no! I love grapefruit. That would be so sad!

      When I was on cholesterol medication I had to stop eating grapefruit. Luckily, a low-fat vegan diet has gotten me off the meds, so I can enjoy it again.

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