Heaven at Dough Bakery

This has been an exciting season for vegan eateries in Atlanta! Last month, we welcomed Revolution Doughnuts and last week Dough Bakery opened in Inman Park!!

courtesy of Dough Bakery’s Facebook Page

I stopped by Dough on Sunday afternoon for lunch, and let me tell you, it’s like walking into vegan heaven. I’m going to have to be careful, my waistline won’t like me too much if I keep stopping by for treats like chocolate cake, snickerdoodle cookies, brownies and


Yes, they have soft serve. And they have milkshakes. with cake bits in them. omg yummy.

I did start out with a sandwich from Gutenfleischer’s, which operates a deli counter in Dough. They make all sorts of yummy vegan “meats” and even sell some that you can take home with you (also sold at Sevananda).
I ordered their daily special, the Buffalo Ranch Hoagie with a side of potato salad. I took a photo, but I’m having computer issues, so you can enjoy this shot from their facebook page:

Meaty and Cruelty Free

I took home two Snickerdoodle cookies (which didn’t last long) and some peanut butter dog treats for River. I might have to go back for more this weekend.

Dough is located at 100 Hurt Street across from the Inman Park Marta station. I highly recommend you go check them out!


12 thoughts on “Heaven at Dough Bakery

  1. Oh my gosh! I went there Saturday and the soft serve was INCREDIBLE. Probably going to be stopping by there every day on my way home from work. I need to try the buffalo ranch sammie! Looks so good.

  2. I’m now even MORE excited to be in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend! You’re awesome to review places where I can nom while on vacay. I want to hug you. THANK YOU!

    1. I’m happy to help! Labor Day weekend is so much fun in Atlanta. Are you coming for the football games, Dragon*Con, or just for fun? You must try to go downtown the Saturday of that weekend for the Dragon*Con parade, it’s quite a sight! I’m happy that Dough is MARTA accessible too, it makes it easy for visitors to get to good vegan places!

  3. It looks like this is a great place to live for new vegans! Sounds scrumptious. I may have to try the milkshake with the cake pieces in them. I drove by a nasty fast food joint that is advertising this very same thing and started craving it.

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