Calling ATL Vegan Bloggers. . .

Are you in Atlanta? Are you blogging about eating vegan food in Atlanta? Well, shoot me a note, because I want to add YOU to my new blogroll.

Like my vegan-friendly restaurant guide, I want to have a good list of other Atlanta vegan foodies that folks should be reading! I know there are more of you out there.

There are a cajillion (that’s a real number I’m sure) vegan bloggers that I love, and it would take up the whole sidebar if I listed all of you, so I’m just focusing on Atlanta peeps here, since this is an Atlanta blog.

Thanks all!


3 thoughts on “Calling ATL Vegan Bloggers. . .

  1. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll! I’m coming to you with a big question: Best Vegan Fish Taco Recipe? I’m having non-veg friends over tomorrow and they really made a huge effort when they had me over for a very veggie meal… I want to give them something we can all eat that’s still recognizable (as in not: “uhm, what’s nutritional yeast?)

  2. Heya Rachel, I maintain something like this over at CtP, only it includes non-bloggers. The focus I guess is more generally on any Atlanta vegans with online presences. Kudos to you for keeping a blog list! I shall have to see if we don’t have any overlap. Here’s the post I made last October if you wanna check and see if you don’t already have someone,, although some of the links may be out of date (folks no longer posting).

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