Eat to Live Six Week Challenge

Ever since going vegan, my weight has seemed to stabilize, but fluctuates between two or three pounds (and about 5-10 pounds over where I would really like to be). I ate SUPER healthy when I started this vegan voyage, but I can tell that over the past few months more and more veganaise, veggie chips, tofutti, and imitation meats have made it into my diet. Plus, my three times a week Willy’s burrito bowl probably isn’t helping. I’ve been eating a pretty grain heavy diet as well.

Top that off with a year full of traveling, which usually involves lots of alcohol, and not always having the healthiest options at my fingertips. I’m not really feeling at my best.

So on the plane to Dallas this week, I re-read Eat to Live.

I’ve decided that over the next 6 weeks, I’m going to follow the 6 week plan outlined in the book (thanks to Fat Free Vegan for posting the plan on her page!).

I used Eat to Live as a blueprint when I first cut out meat and dairy. Now that I’m used to a life without dairy and meat – and that I know how to cook plant based meals – I think this won’t be too hard to stick with. The hardest part for me will be making better choices. Choosing carrot sticks over potato chips. Limiting my grains. Choosing to eat more salads.

It won’t be totally easy, and there will probably be a little cheating since our anniversary falls within the six week time table. But overall, I’ll stick with the plan. I’ll post what I’m eating and enjoying over the next few weeks!

I also want to re-join a gym. I’m looking into some options, so if anyone has any suggestions on ATL gyms, let me know!

And, if you want to take the challenge too, I’ll happily be a support buddy!



2 thoughts on “Eat to Live Six Week Challenge

  1. I hate pushy people so I try not to be one EXCEPT when it comes to the gym. You seem like you’ve got a solid plan and if you need someone to tell you to go when you’re feeling ambivalent, I’m your girl. Too bad I live in Miami. Thanks for turning me onto that book. I’m putting it on my list.

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