Raleigh Cry for Vegan Eats

In a two weeks, hubbers and I are heading to Raleigh for Hopscotch Music Fest! I think this is the first trip I’ve taken all year that’s for pleasure and not work. Although I love my work travel, I usually don’t have that much time to explore vegan options in the cities that I visit.

But, this time, it’s just me and my handsome vegan companion, and we are going to do some vegan eating in Raleigh, while celebrating our one year anniversary (wow the year flew by!)!

I’ve found a couple of places I want to check out:

The Remedy Diner – it’s close to our hotel and looks like they have a ton of vegan options, including vegan BBQ (and in NC, you have to eat BBQ, right?).

Market Restaurant – Looks to serve fresh, unprocessed foods. Calls out vegan items on their menu.

Irregardless Cafe – Also offers a few good vegan options, close to the hotel

This just in – @VeganTriangle on twitter suggested Oro Restaurant and Triangle Raw Food Truck

Any other yummy vegan options near downtown Raleigh?


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