Vitamin D!

Well, I found out this week that I have a vitamin D deficiency. I’ll admit, I wasn’t super religious about taking my multivitamin before, I was more concerned with my B12 pill. But, it’s not suprising that I’m lacking vitamin D, since I’ve spent most of my summer indoors and I’m pasty pasty pale. (The doctor actually said “you’re a small, pale woman — I can tell just by looking at you that you are vitamin D deficient (nice, huh?).”

So, I got my little behind onto and ordered me some DEVA vitamins.

5000 IU’s a day to get my levels back up

I also picked up the tiny multivitamins that Luminous Vegans posted about.

And, also part of my daily routine is to take a SUPER B-12 that has something like 50,000% of my daily B-12 allowance. I even got one of those days-of-the-week pill cases so I remember to take my vitamins everyday.

My doctor also suggested Omega-3’s, but he wanted me to take Krill Oil. (Note: He said he was “not overly impressed with the vegan diet – doesn’t see the real benefits with it,” and then he suggested krill because he thought that small shrimpies don’t matter.)

Well, what he doesn’t know, is that there are vegan omega-3’s, and that fish actually get their omega-3’s from the plants they eat. I don’t want to kill poor fishies for vitamins, nor do I want the “fish burps” that accompany taking such pills. So, I’m going to do a tablespoon of flax seeds everyday (like Dr. Fuhrman recommends). But – if you are looking for a pill form, DEVA’s got vegam Omega 3’s also.

You can find these all on


4 thoughts on “Vitamin D!

  1. Boo on your doctor. He probably is in cahoots with the meat/dairy/seafood industry (probably not, but I am in a conspiracist theory mood). You made a great point about the fish getting the omegas from the ocean plants. Same goes for most vitamins people say only come from animals…they don’t realize that the animals get it from the plants!

  2. My understanding is most doctors are not properly trained in nutrition. They get a couple hours of lecture time on disease specific nutrition, and other than that they know the same garbage being fed to the general population… Luckily, my doctor is open minded. He even told my mom that there is no real benefit to drinking dairy milk, unless you’re a baby cow. *Yes!* :-)… Thanks for the omega-3 tip. My boyfriend and I were just talking about this and wondering if it was available in a vegan pill form.

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