On Monday, D and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary!! I can’t believe a year has already gone by. Where has the year gone?

We had a nice, low key day, filled with episodes of Homicide: Life on the Streets (I know, we are romantics! But I’m actually obsessed with the show now) and snuggling with each other and the animals.

For dinner, we headed to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants: Cafe Sunflower!

We went to their Buckhead location because it’s closer, and they serve booze.

Sunflower Box

We started with their sunflower box – a good sampler of their appetizers, including Soy Nuggets, Stuffed Mushrooms, Red Pepper Hummus, Dumplings, and eggrolls.

Organic Power Bowl

D enjoyed the Organic Power Bowl. I was a little jealous of all the goodies in his bowl, but then my entree arrived.

Mushroom Risotto

The mushroom risotto is to die for. It’s creamy, yummy goodness. I almost finished the entire thing, but I saved some for leftovers this week.

After dinner, it was time to go home an eat the year-old top of our wedding cake, and pop open some champagne I had been saving since our engagement party.

There was pretty black detailing on the cake. Now it’s smashed and looks like mold. But it’s not.

Since we went vegan after the honeymoon, our cake was not vegan. Yes, we ate some of it anyways, since it’s been sitting in our freezer for a year – in the name of tradition. However, our stomachs were NOT happy with us afterwards, so we definitely paid the price. Also, our buttercream frosting that tasted so good last year to our non-vegan palettes, now just tasted like a stick of butter.

Next month, we’ll celebrate our one-year vegan anniversary. We’ll have to get a yummy vegan cake to celebrate!


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