Happy Vegan MOFO!!

Happy Monday, and the first day of Vegan MOFO! I’m going to shoot for 20 posts this month. That’s about 4 post a week, so I’ve got some blogging to do!

Now that they weather is getting cooler (if you call 70 degrees cooler), I though it time to whip out the slow cooker and prepare some hearty fall meals.

Behold, my first slow cooker meal of the year – Vegan Enchilada Casserole and Spanish Yellow Rice

Vegan Enchilada Casserole and Spanish Yellow Rice

The casserole recipe is courtesy of Kathy Hester’s The Vegan Slow Cooker. (P.S. Check out her Healthy Slow Cooking blog for other yummy slow cooker recipes.)

This recipe is super easy. I layered all of the ingredients in the slow cooker before work, and then set the time and forgot about it for the rest of the day. In my version, I substituted tofu for vegan chorizo and it was super tasty.

This dish is a bit spicy, so if you aren’t into heat, make sure to pick up a mild enchilada sauce.

For the yellow rice, I veganized this recipe from Food Network – which pretty much just involved using Earth Balance in place of the butter. The recipe was SO easy and D loved it, so I’ll definitely be making again (and it’s easier on the wallet to buying the pre-made kind).

What’s your favorite slow cooker recipe?


6 thoughts on “Happy Vegan MOFO!!

  1. That is a fantastic cookbook! Nice to see it featured here. It’s definitely coming on slow cooker weather! Funny, I didn’t break down the math to get to 4 posts per week for VeganMoFo – somehow that makes it easier for me to contemplate :-)!

  2. Our family went camping on Friday night for a trial run with all four of us – we had a fun time but got no sleep at all. Cows mooing, loud and obnoxious other campers, and not enough blankets to keep us warm, the night was very rough but it was still a fun family time. I had a blast coming up with a vegan menu, though a few of my creations need work before we venture on a camping trip again! We roasted our corn on the grill and it got a bit too done on one side but was still very delicious. We put our sweet potatoes in the coals and cooked them that way which turned out super tasty. The “hot dogs” I made were more like burgers in consistency – yummy flavor but really tasted nothing like hot dogs. I started out with a recipe but ended up improvising a lot because I didn’t have the exact ingredients I needed. Unfortunately, it would be hard for me to duplicate the recipe. The marshmallows were nothing like marshmallows – again I had to improvise a bit with ingredients and equipment (I didn’t have a candy thermometer) – there are so many recipe for them that I will just need to play with them and find a winner. These marshmallows ended up being like cream filling in a cookie (like oreo filling) and though they made good graham cracker cookie sandwiches, they tasted nothing like smores. I made graham crackers and they were yummy – I have made that recipe before. Breakfast was a winner. I browned potatoes and Gimme Lean Sausage balls before leaving home and then heated them in foil over the fire for breakfast along with bread to the side and fresh fruit. Super delish and loved by the whole fam. So, I have a challenge to create the perfect vegan camping food by the next time we go camping!

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