Vegan Confessions – Tofu Pressing

I have a confession. . .

I don’t press my tofu.

My excuse is pure laziness.

I usually just cube it and throw it in the pan for stir fry.

Or I smush it up with a potato masher for tofu scramble.

If I had a TofuXpress, I might start pressing.

But until then, I just can’t waste time waiting for my tofu to press under a stack of cookbooks and a dish towel.

So, there’s my confession. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Vegan Confessions – Tofu Pressing

  1. Yes, the Tofuxpress takes a long time, there is a press called the EZ Tofu Press that takes no more than 15 minutes. If you are going to stir fry and want square or rectangle shaped firm tofu, I would press. Otherwise, three Hail Marys and your cleansed of your sin!

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