Vegan Atlanta – Wrecking Bar Vegetarian Night!

One of my favorite veg-friendly restaurants in Atlanta is the Wrecking Bar Brewpub. ALL of their beers are vegan, and I have yet to find a beer there I didn’t like.

Tuesday nights are vegetarian night, with all veggie specials, most of them vegan (or easily made vegan). D and I enjoyed veggie night this week before catching a concert in Little Five Points.

Vegan Beer at The Wrecking Bar

We both got really excited when our entrees arrived, I almost forgot to take pictures!

D enjoyed a tofu stir fry with plantains, avocado, and other goodies.

I enjoyed some vegan Empanadas stuffed with yummy goodness like carrots, radish, Brussels Sprouts, red quinoa. They were served on top of a sweet potato mash. So Good!!

If you live in Atlanta, or you are visiting, definitely make a trip to the Wrecking Bar!


8 thoughts on “Vegan Atlanta – Wrecking Bar Vegetarian Night!

  1. that philly cheesesteak sammy sounds goooooooood. btw, i chose to read your blog b/c of the title, so this is my way of saying good job for creating something catchy.

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