Lazy Sunday Brunch

I love Sunday mornings. Around our house, they usually looks something like this:

It’s also my favorite day to cook breakfast. I usually whip up a yummy tofu scramble. I usually base it on this tofu scramble recipe from Happy Herbivore, and then add in kale, daiya cheese, and whatever other veggies sound good that morning.

Image from

Last weekend, I was inspired by this post from Bianca over at Vegan Crunk. She tried out this recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen for vegan omelets. It looked so yummy and fluffy, I had to try it.

My first attempt, the omelet didn’t set. It ended up more of a omelet/scramble pile of (yummy) mess. I think my pan wasn’t warm enough when I started. But the second set beautifully. . .

Until I lifted it out of the pan and it broke in half.

Broken, but tasty

What are your go-to vegan breakfast recipes?


5 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Brunch

  1. Lately, we’ve been doing waffles (frozen vegan ones) on lazy weekend days, but sometimes I get ambitious and make a tofu scramble with potatoes and broccoli! Mostly, it depends on whether we have broccoli in the house.

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