Dulce Vegan

We are lucky in Atlanta to have several vegan options, including some fabulous bakeries.

Dulce Vegan in Kirkwood is one of those bakeries.

D and I have made several attempts to visit Dulce Vegan this year, but we keep forgetting that they aren’t open on Monday! Luckily, they are open on Saturday and Sunday, so a few weeks ago, after taking the Atlanta Zombie Tour, we decided to stop at Dulce Vegan for lunch.

Zombie Tour – grrr. argh.

There were so many good choices on the menu that day. I was feeling like something green, so I ordered the brussels sprouts salad.

D ordered the TLT Sandwich, with a cabbage slaw.

Of course, we finished the meal with a cupcake, but I also gobbled it up before I could get a photo, but it looked something like this:

Not my photo. Courtesy of Dulce Vegan’s Facebook Page

Definitely stop by Dulce Vegan if you are ever in Atlanta. I’ve never had a bad meal there, and the best part – it’s ALL vegan!


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