Q3 Resolution Check-in

So, I never did a mid-year check in on my 30 Resolutions for my 30th Year, but now that we are in the last quarter of the year, I thought it time for an update!

  1. Eat only vegan/plant strong – I’ve been 98% plant strong. I haven’t had ANY animal flesh of any sort, but I have had a few dairy slip-ups. But they are never straight up. Usually in baked goods. No excuse I know. But I’m keepin’ it real and being honest on the blog.
  2. Pick out our wedding photos for the album – Photos were picked. Album was approved. I hope to have it before we’ve been married 2 years. We’ll see if that happens.
  3. Procrastinate less – I haven’t been able to procrastinate, too busy. So that’s a good thing.
  4. Learn a new musical instrument – Ummm. Maybe I can learn kazoo before the end of the year.
  5. Perform in public – I think I did quite enough damage during my 30th birthday Karaoke extravaganza to fulfill this resolution.
  6. Stop negative self talk – I’ve been doing really good. I think Yoga helps a lot with this.
  7. More positive self talk – See above.
  8. Exercise everyday at least 30 minutes and try for 60 minutes three times a week – hahahahaha. What a lofty goal. Although, I do yoga at least twice a week and I can stand on my head now.
  9. Go on an exciting vacation – This year I did Berlin, Columbus, OH, Raleigh, Los Angeles. And on Sunday, I’m taking a week off and going to Florida with my mom, sister and nephew.
  10. Spend more time with my nephew – I’m excited to spend a week with him!!
  11. Take River to obedience class – hahahahahaha. yea.
  12. Floss more – Well, now I have to do it much more often, and I will because. . .
  13. Go back to the dentist – I went back to the dentist. I’ve never had a cavity in my life, but my gums are horrible. I’m currently halfway through the torture of correcting this problem. I will floss forever and ever. It sucks getting olde sometimes.
  14. Drink more water – I’ve been good, I could do better.
  15. Eat more salads – Well, I was doing great until I landed in the hospital and they told me not to eat as much raw veggies.
  16. Pay off my student loans – DONE!!!!!!!!!
  17. Complete Dave Ramsey Financial Peace (at home version) with Dallas  – We need to finish. Everyone started traveling. We’ll get this done!
  18. Take on new challenges at work to continue to develop as a professional – For the past three months, I ran our department while my boss was on maternity leave. It was such a good experience and such a good learning opportunity. Definitely challenging at times, but a good challenge!
  19. Stop using credit cards – oy. This has been an expensive quarter. I’ve stopped using it now, but I did have to rely on it for a few things.
  20. Stick to my budget – Mostly good here.
  21. Rediscover my love of running – Yea, not gonna happen this year. Can’t do it all can i?
  22. Participate in another Team in Training event – not yet. This quarter year has been busy.
  23. Take a fun class (language, cooking, painting, etc) – does yoga count?
  24. Try more vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants in Atlanta – Wrecking Bar is a continued favorite. Dough Bakery is also a constant in rotation.
  25. Blog consistently – Heck yeah, vegan mofo!
  26. Include more photos on my blog – I’m getting better.
  27. Attend Vida Vegan Blogger Conference (if they repeat in 2012) or another blogger conference – I’m going to VVC in 2013!!
  28. Try stand-up paddle boarding – Maybe next week?
  29. Go to a music festival with Dallas – YAY!! We went to Hopscotch Music Fest in Raleigh. It was awesome.
  30. Take yoga classes – 11 months of yoga and going strong! I love it!!

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