Brocolli Casserole Conundrum

As mentioned before, my mom is making lots of yummy vegan food during our week together down in Florida.

One night, she tried the Broccoli Cheezy Casserole from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.



Well. . .this is how it turned out.


It was dry, and not very creamy. The taste was great! But the casserole just looked. . .well, a little sad.

Now, I remember back in April I made my own cheezy broccoli casserole from Happy Go Lucky Vegan, which had the right consistency, but came out a little bland.

I’m wondering if I combine the two, that it’ll come out creamy, fluffy and full of yummy cheezy taste!

Do you have any go-to Broccoli Casserole recipes?


2 thoughts on “Brocolli Casserole Conundrum

  1. I think I solved this. I tried a different recipe similar to the original. It turned out great. I don’t know how to link it. I will send it to you and you can share it with your bloggers. Even your father liked it.

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