Vegan Crab Cake FAIL

Sometimes, we whip up delicious dishes. Dishes so beautiful that we boast and brag to our friends. We post photos of the dish on instagram, and we forward the recipe so that others may enjoy the divine happiness of a dish gone right.

And sometimes. . . well, not so much. This was one of those times.

In my pregan days, I really enjoyed crab. One of my favorite parts of coming to the beach was ordering crab cakes.

So, on this trip to Florida, Mom wanted me to try to make the vegan version of crab cakes from the Vegan Cooking for Carnivores Cookbook. I probably should have stuck with this recipe.

However, I was feeling lazy, and I didn’t want to fry the crab cakes. I thought the baked version from Happy Herbivore sounded easier (and a little healthier), and I was on Beach time – I didn’t want to miss 5 p.m. cocktail hour on the porch (a daily occurrence), because I was slaving away, frying on the hot stove. I’m much more of a “set it and forget it” type of girl.

See that mush in the top left corner. . .yeah, that’s not supposed to look like that.

I can’t blame Happy Herbivore, because people make and enjoy her recipe all the time. I think I might have processed the tofu too much, because what we ended up with was not crab cake-like AT ALL. The consistency was more like scrambled eggs, and it looked. . .well, it looked like one of those fake vomit discs you would buy at the dollar store to gross out your friends.

The taste was fine, once you got past the look of it, but the consistency was all wrong.

So, next time, I’ll try frying them.

*Sigh* You can’t win ’em all.


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