Let Food Be Thy Medicine. . .

I’m home and out of the hospital. I got discharged on Wednesday morning. I never want to go to the hospital again. ever.

After this whole bout with pancreatitis, the doctors prescribed a low-fat diet. One nurse stressed, “you’ll need to eat a low-fat diet. So, you know, lots of bland stuff.” Funny, because I already eat a naturally low-fat vegan diet, and I have lots of options that aren’t “bland.”

Of course, I won’t be jumping into a bowl of anything spicy until I am feeling back to normal, but I just didn’t like the implication that all low-fat diets are “bland.”

I’m also appalled at hospital food. While the hospital did have some vegan options, it was amazing that they didn’t have a lot of food on their menu that might be good for someone who is just starting to eat solid foods again (I went about 5 days unable to eat or drink  anything). The vegan options were a greasy veggie burger (sure to send my pancreas back into an attack), or a PBJ sandwich. . .on a tortilla. The hospital didn’t have any sandwich bread that was vegan. I’m sure it was all enriched.

You would think hospitals would have the BEST food options, to help their patients get well through nutrition. I think they actually are trying to make us sick with their food, so we return soon and bring the $$ with us.

I might just be bitter after a week in the hospital, but I am certainly happy to be back at home, in my own bed, and able to make my own, yummy, low-fat vegan food.



3 thoughts on “Let Food Be Thy Medicine. . .

  1. Thank you for this post. Vegans everywhere are nodding their heads reading this. I hate that low-fat healthy food is so frequently characterized as being bland, as if salt, fat and sugar are the only flavors in existence. Hospital food is definitely atrocious, even the veggie soups are greasy; if mine didn’t have a decent salad bar I’d starve.

  2. This is such a HUGE issue. It amazes me the kind of crap they serve in hospitals. When my grandpa was there last year, I watched a nurse bring him fried chicken! Now, he was there for Alzheimer’s, so not anything heart-related. But still … he was 80-something years old and they are feeding him fried chicken in the hospital!!! It’s a travesty.

  3. I am definitely nodding my head – hospital food is APPALLING! It’s some of the unhealthiest food on the planet. I was just reading in the current issue of Cooking Light that there is a movement afoot called Health Care Without Harm – which is getting hospitals to focus on food as preventative medicine. Perhaps good changes are coming. Get well fast!

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