Vegan Eatin’ in West Palm Beach

Over the weekend, hubbers and I went down to Florida to celebrate the union of two wonderful friends! The wedding was beautiful, and one of the most fun weddings I’ve been to in a while. We ate, danced our booties off, and took lots of photos like this:

Of course, I did my research before we flew south, and found a couple GREAT restaurant recommendations on Will Travel for Vegan FoodChristopher’s Kitchen and Darbster.

Christopher’s Kitchen

We chose Christopher’s Kitchen for lunch on Saturday afternoon since it was super close to our hotel, and actually turned out to be in the same development as the wedding venue. They had a big selection of fresh juices. I ordered one called the “Maui,” which was a blend of celery, cucumber, parsley, kale, lemon, apple and ginger.

It was mighty tasty. I felt instantly healthier.

D and I are a bit obsessed with Avocado, so of course when we spotted Avocado Toast on the menu, we had to order ourselves a slice. The avocado tasted so fresh and creamy, I could eat this toast for breakfast everyday.

For our main courses, I ordered the Falafel Wrap, which came in a lettuce wrap and was topped with this yummy Brazil nut and cashew hummus. Very tasty, but I did end up abandoning trying to eat it like a sandwich since it was a little messy. It was also VERY filling and I ended up sharing the second half with D.

D had the Pesto Sandwich and I had more avocado envy (even though my wrap was filled with Avocado too.

He ate it all up. I think that means he liked it.

We were definitely splurging on lunch, so we decided to indulge and order two desserts – the Ice Cream Sundae and the Chocolate Mousse.

I didn’t love the crust on the mousse, but the chocolate was fluffy and creamy. And the ice cream sundae was fabulous and topped with delicious chocolate macaroons.

Christopher’s Kitchen is pricey, so be prepared for a splurge. It’s totally worth it. Most (if not all) of the menu is raw vegan. At night they have an organic grill and wine bar open as well.


As if I planned it perfectly, Darbster was just a couple exits away from the airport off 95, AND they served Sunday Brunch, so it was the perfect place to grab some grub before heading back to Atlanta.

This restaurant is like a little oasis right off the expressway. Once you walk in, you feel as if you are sitting in a beachside eatery in the Bahamas, or better yet, on your best friend’s (who happens to live somewhere tropical) porch. We were shaded by large umbrellas and palm trees on our patio seat. A guy named Ric strummed on his guitar with hangover-friendly tunes.

Darbster is all vegan, and I loved that they had education in their menu about the vegan lifestyle and why people should consider veganism. It was done so tastefully, that you didn’t feel like their message was “in your face” or preachy.

And the food. Oh the food. I wish they would open in Atlanta.

I ordered the Palm Cake sandwich, which I can only describe as the closest thing to crab cakes that I’ve had since going vegan. And I used to LOVE crab cakes. It came with a side of home fries, and I ordered their “sausage,” which was also the best vegan sausage I’ve ever had.

D ordered their AM Quesadilla, which had Daiya cheese, tofu scramble and hash browns. It was topped with Guacamole, to add to our avocado fever. He also had a side of the Tempeh Bacon, which was delish.

Darbster’s ambiance, and wallet-friendly menu would definitely make it a regular hang-out if we lived in West Palm.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Eatin’ in West Palm Beach

  1. All that food looks fantastic! And I, too, love avocado. I’m having avocado envy just reading this post. While you were in Palm Beach, I was in Atlanta for VegFest and exploring the vegan scene (loved the Soul Veg brunch and Cafe Sunflower dinner!!).

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