Happy New Year!

I always like to recap progress on last year’s resolutions, and set some new ones so I have goals in mind for the coming year. Let’s see how 2013 panned out shall we?

1. Successfully complete Yoga Teacher Training! – Done. I did it! Now to continue to be a student, and hone my teaching skills.

2. Proactively hang out with my friends (i.e. Invite people places more) – I was better at this with some friends more than others. I will strive to be a better inviter in 2014.

3. Only drink once a week during teacher training – I can’t remember if I was successful at this. . .probably because I wasn’t. lol.

4. Don’t cheat anymore with dairy products. – I cheated. It wasn’t horrible, but it’s hard sometimes to avoid the dairy. Especially when travelling for work. It’s possible though. and I can do better.

5. Travel for Fun – Check! We went to Hawaii, Austin, and Raleigh for fun. I did Memphis for work/fun. 2014 might bring some more exciting travels, we shall see!

So, what are resolutions for 2014?

1. Establish a daily yoga practice – even if it’s just getting on the mat for 3 sun salutations. I will do #yogaeverydamnday in 2014.

2. Participate in a yoga workshop at least once per quarter – to continue to hone my skills as a student and become a better teacher. This might also help to lead to 3. . .

3. Press up into handstand – this is a lofty goal. Especially since I can’t stick handstand yet in the middle of the room. We all have to start somewhere.

4. Be present. – I am so easily distracted. by technology. by my thoughts. I will work harder to be present and in the moment.

5. Become a morning person. – I am not a morning person. Never have been. BUT, I want to be. I want to jump out of bed energized in the mornings. So, I must condition myself and establish a good morning ritual to look forward to everyday.


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