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Happy New Year!

I always like to recap progress on last year’s resolutions, and set some new ones so I have goals in mind for the coming year. Let’s see how 2013 panned out shall we?

1. Successfully complete Yoga Teacher Training! – Done. I did it! Now to continue to be a student, and hone my teaching skills.

2. Proactively hang out with my friends (i.e. Invite people places more) – I was better at this with some friends more than others. I will strive to be a better inviter in 2014.

3. Only drink once a week during teacher training – I can’t remember if I was successful at this. . .probably because I wasn’t. lol.

4. Don’t cheat anymore with dairy products. – I cheated. It wasn’t horrible, but it’s hard sometimes to avoid the dairy. Especially when travelling for work. It’s possible though. and I can do better.

5. Travel for Fun – Check! We went to Hawaii, Austin, and Raleigh for fun. I did Memphis for work/fun. 2014 might bring some more exciting travels, we shall see!

So, what are resolutions for 2014?

1. Establish a daily yoga practice – even if it’s just getting on the mat for 3 sun salutations. I will do #yogaeverydamnday in 2014.

2. Participate in a yoga workshop at least once per quarter – to continue to hone my skills as a student and become a better teacher. This might also help to lead to 3. . .

3. Press up into handstand – this is a lofty goal. Especially since I can’t stick handstand yet in the middle of the room. We all have to start somewhere.

4. Be present. – I am so easily distracted. by technology. by my thoughts. I will work harder to be present and in the moment.

5. Become a morning person. – I am not a morning person. Never have been. BUT, I want to be. I want to jump out of bed energized in the mornings. So, I must condition myself and establish a good morning ritual to look forward to everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys,

How’s it going? Long time no see?

Remember that time I said I’d be blogging again in June? Whoops.

So, let’s recap all that’s happened since March:

  1. I got my 200-hour yoga certification! Woohoo! And started teaching yoga twice a week, and subbing lots.
  2. We traveled to Hawaii, Raleigh, and Austin. It was all fun, and full of yummy vegan eats. Perhaps I will do a summer/fall travel roundup with the food photos I took along the way.
  3. I got promoted at work. Awesomesauce.
  4. I got another year older. But that’s cool.
  5. I went to Atlanta VegFest 2013, and it was awesome.
  6. We ate out more than I cooked.
  7. I started a new blog for a second, and then realized that I already have some loyal readers at this domain, so I decided to delete that blog and pick back up over here.

So, thank you to the folks that keep checking in on the blog, and that keep sending suggestions for the “Where Can a Vegan Eat in Atlanta” page.

Now that I’ve been teaching/taking lots of yoga, I’ll start covering that topic a little more here. I’ve written about Ahimsa before, so living that branch of yoga definitely fits in with the blog.

The past 9 months have been a blur. But, I’m going to start updating more frequently again. Also, I’ve still been reading lots of vegan blogs, and getting inspiration from all of you!


2013 Resolutions

Last year, I made 30 resolutions for my 30th year. I’m not going to make 31 resolutions this year. I’ll stick with a more manageable number. Like five.

I enjoyed having my resolutions written down somewhere public. It gave me somewhere to reference, and kept me accountable. So without further ado – my 2013 resolutions:

1. Sucessfully complete Yoga Teacher Training! – My yoga instructor is offering her first teacher training. I’m so excited to be participating. I can’t wait to start this journey!

2. Proactively hang out with my friends (i.e. Invite people places more) – I tend to be a hermit. And after some of the events of last year, I felt most nights like sitting on my couch watching Homeland and drinking wine. I have some awesome friends, I have some awesome friends moving to Atlanta (yay!!!) and I’ve met some great people that I’d like to hang out with more. So, I’ll get up off my butt and call people, and do things.

3. Only drink once a week during teacher training – I know this might make No. 2 a little tricky, but No. 1 will flourish if I can stick with this one. It’s not like I’m a lush, but when I did Operation Bootcamp before the wedding, I saw much better results during the month where I only had one or two drinks per week.

4. Don’t cheat anymore with dairy products. – In 2012, I was probably 98% vegan. I had some cheats, mostly with baked goods and once during a dire situation where the only thing available was a quesadilla. This year, let’s be 100%. No more cheats.

5. Travel for Fun – I traveled a lot in 2012, but most of it was work-related. Now, it was awesome, but I definitely want to up the “pleasure” to “business” ratio.  We already have some fun trips planned – Portland in May, Hawaii in June, and either Raleigh again or a West Coast adventure for our anniversary.

So cheers to 2013!

A Very Kali-Like Year

Kali is a Hindu Goddess who often represents change. Now, on first impression, Kali is a pretty scary lady. She wears a necklace of skulls, she’s got blood dripping out of her mouth, she’s blue. . .

But, Kali is misunderstood. She represents change, but not slow gradual change. She represents destruction that pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates change. She symbolizes letting go of the past, to make room for a new, purposeful and bright future ahead.

2012 has been a very Kali-like year for me. We were forced out of our rental home, but it made way for us to find an even better home, with a fenced yard for our puppy. I had a great opportunity at work to take on new challenges that definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but made me a better professional. I attended a retreat with my fellow yogis (the theme was letting go, very Kali-themed), and worked through some feelings I had held onto for way too long, and was finally able to accept and let go of some resentment, anger and grief I was feeling over a lost friendship. I went through a horrible ordeal in the hospital, but it helped me prioritize the things that are important in my life, and reminded me that life is short and to take advantage of opportunities presented to me and to also appreciate all of the blessings in my life.

As hard as 2012 was, it was also a catalyst for some great things to come. I have some very clear goals in mind for 2013, but I’ll post about those later. I’m optimistic going into 2013, and excited to see what it will hold.


Let Food Be Thy Medicine. . .

I’m home and out of the hospital. I got discharged on Wednesday morning. I never want to go to the hospital again. ever.

After this whole bout with pancreatitis, the doctors prescribed a low-fat diet. One nurse stressed, “you’ll need to eat a low-fat diet. So, you know, lots of bland stuff.” Funny, because I already eat a naturally low-fat vegan diet, and I have lots of options that aren’t “bland.”

Of course, I won’t be jumping into a bowl of anything spicy until I am feeling back to normal, but I just didn’t like the implication that all low-fat diets are “bland.”

I’m also appalled at hospital food. While the hospital did have some vegan options, it was amazing that they didn’t have a lot of food on their menu that might be good for someone who is just starting to eat solid foods again (I went about 5 days unable to eat or drink  anything). The vegan options were a greasy veggie burger (sure to send my pancreas back into an attack), or a PBJ sandwich. . .on a tortilla. The hospital didn’t have any sandwich bread that was vegan. I’m sure it was all enriched.

You would think hospitals would have the BEST food options, to help their patients get well through nutrition. I think they actually are trying to make us sick with their food, so we return soon and bring the $$ with us.

I might just be bitter after a week in the hospital, but I am certainly happy to be back at home, in my own bed, and able to make my own, yummy, low-fat vegan food.


Q3 Resolution Check-in

So, I never did a mid-year check in on my 30 Resolutions for my 30th Year, but now that we are in the last quarter of the year, I thought it time for an update!

  1. Eat only vegan/plant strong – I’ve been 98% plant strong. I haven’t had ANY animal flesh of any sort, but I have had a few dairy slip-ups. But they are never straight up. Usually in baked goods. No excuse I know. But I’m keepin’ it real and being honest on the blog.
  2. Pick out our wedding photos for the album – Photos were picked. Album was approved. I hope to have it before we’ve been married 2 years. We’ll see if that happens.
  3. Procrastinate less – I haven’t been able to procrastinate, too busy. So that’s a good thing.
  4. Learn a new musical instrument – Ummm. Maybe I can learn kazoo before the end of the year.
  5. Perform in public – I think I did quite enough damage during my 30th birthday Karaoke extravaganza to fulfill this resolution.
  6. Stop negative self talk – I’ve been doing really good. I think Yoga helps a lot with this.
  7. More positive self talk – See above.
  8. Exercise everyday at least 30 minutes and try for 60 minutes three times a week – hahahahaha. What a lofty goal. Although, I do yoga at least twice a week and I can stand on my head now.
  9. Go on an exciting vacation – This year I did Berlin, Columbus, OH, Raleigh, Los Angeles. And on Sunday, I’m taking a week off and going to Florida with my mom, sister and nephew.
  10. Spend more time with my nephew – I’m excited to spend a week with him!!
  11. Take River to obedience class – hahahahahaha. yea.
  12. Floss more – Well, now I have to do it much more often, and I will because. . .
  13. Go back to the dentist – I went back to the dentist. I’ve never had a cavity in my life, but my gums are horrible. I’m currently halfway through the torture of correcting this problem. I will floss forever and ever. It sucks getting olde sometimes.
  14. Drink more water – I’ve been good, I could do better.
  15. Eat more salads – Well, I was doing great until I landed in the hospital and they told me not to eat as much raw veggies.
  16. Pay off my student loans – DONE!!!!!!!!!
  17. Complete Dave Ramsey Financial Peace (at home version) with Dallas  – We need to finish. Everyone started traveling. We’ll get this done!
  18. Take on new challenges at work to continue to develop as a professional – For the past three months, I ran our department while my boss was on maternity leave. It was such a good experience and such a good learning opportunity. Definitely challenging at times, but a good challenge!
  19. Stop using credit cards – oy. This has been an expensive quarter. I’ve stopped using it now, but I did have to rely on it for a few things.
  20. Stick to my budget – Mostly good here.
  21. Rediscover my love of running – Yea, not gonna happen this year. Can’t do it all can i?
  22. Participate in another Team in Training event – not yet. This quarter year has been busy.
  23. Take a fun class (language, cooking, painting, etc) – does yoga count?
  24. Try more vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants in Atlanta – Wrecking Bar is a continued favorite. Dough Bakery is also a constant in rotation.
  25. Blog consistently – Heck yeah, vegan mofo!
  26. Include more photos on my blog – I’m getting better.
  27. Attend Vida Vegan Blogger Conference (if they repeat in 2012) or another blogger conference – I’m going to VVC in 2013!!
  28. Try stand-up paddle boarding – Maybe next week?
  29. Go to a music festival with Dallas – YAY!! We went to Hopscotch Music Fest in Raleigh. It was awesome.
  30. Take yoga classes – 11 months of yoga and going strong! I love it!!


I spent the weekend in a beautiful place called Round Cove up in the mountains of Franklin County, Tennessee.

The yoga studio where I practice hosted a weekend-long retreat. We enjoyed hours of yoga, hiking, talking, journaling, and. . .eating.

I have to say it was quite refreshing to hang out with a group of people who didn’t care that I was vegan. We all planned meals ahead of time, and everyone was accommodating of my dietary differences. Any questions I was asked about my veganism during the weekend came out of a place of pure curiousity, and there was no negativity or judgement associated with it. It was truly refreshing! I need to hang out with my fellow yogis more often.

There are said to be eight sets of principles of yoga. The first set of principles are Yamas, a set of restraints (or boundaries) that guide our manner and being. Once such Yama is Ahimsa, which stipulates that people should try to live in a non-violent or non-harmful manner. One way some yogis honor ahimsa is through veganism and yoga has long been associated with vegetarianism.(Check out It’s Not Easy Being Vegan’s summary of veganism and yoga).

The theme of our weekend was to release and recharge. We all worked through the week on letting go of something we had been holding onto with hours of meditation and yoga. We closed the weekend with a fire, and we wrote on pieces of paper those things that we wanted to release. We also wrote things that we want for the future.

This weekend was much needed, and I’m thankful for this kind, loving and welcoming community of fellow yogis and friends.