Vegan Eats Atlanta

Hi all! Since the “Where to Eat Vegan in Atlanta” page gets so much traffic, I thought I would move it to a dedicated new URL – In the coming weeks, I’ll begin posting reviews to the site. If you are a vegan writer/blogger who has a review on an Atlanta restaurant to submit … More Vegan Eats Atlanta

What’s up?

I’ve been on a huge blogging hiatus. Mostly because I’ve been on a long journey with food. True confessions time – for a few months there, I started eating fish again. I was doing a ton of yoga, I was under a lot of stress, and I went through all sorts of other justifications to … More What’s up?

Resolve and Evolve

Each year, I look back at the previous year’s resolutions and recap whether I stuck to them. There’s no need to do that this year, because I completely and utterly failed at keeping to my resolutions. But, it’s OK. This year was completely different than I planned. I had to reevaluate priorities, shift schedules, and … More Resolve and Evolve


I’ve been a bad bad blogger. I apologize. I’m juggling a busy season at work, with an exciting adventure to become a yoga teacher (which includes homework), with family time and friend time. So, I don’t have a lot of time or leftover brain space right now to blog. BUT, Former Fish Taco Fanatic will … More Hiatus