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Vegan Wings at Graveyard Tavern

D played a show at The Basement (the venue underneath Graveyard Tavern) on Saturday night, so we took advantage of the opportunity to go upstairs and check out the mythical vegan wings that I keep hearing and reading about. I was not dissapointed.

Now, I don’t think I can really remember what an actual Chicken Wing tasted like, but these little nuggets were wonderful! They came with a side of fries and vegan ranch sauce. Either they gave us the wrong sauce, or their idea of ranch is along the lines of horseradish sauce. But, it was still a good pairing for the wings.


It’s $8 for the wings/fries combo. I could have shared them, they were quite filling. But a good option for a night out at the bar.

Graveyard Tavern is having some big 12/21/12 apocalypse party, so go get yourself some vegan wings and party down!

Calling ATL Vegan Bloggers. . .

Are you in Atlanta? Are you blogging about eating vegan food in Atlanta? Well, shoot me a note, because I want to add YOU to my new blogroll.

Like my vegan-friendly restaurant guide, I want to have a good list of other Atlanta vegan foodies that folks should be reading! I know there are more of you out there.

There are a cajillion (that’s a real number I’m sure) vegan bloggers that I love, and it would take up the whole sidebar if I listed all of you, so I’m just focusing on Atlanta peeps here, since this is an Atlanta blog.

Thanks all!

More Atlanta Eats!

I’ve added more restaurants to the Where Can a Vegan Eat in Atlanta? page.

Recent additions:

  • El Myr
  • Wrecking Bar
  • Revolution Doughnuts
  • Dough Bakery
  • Fuego Mundo
  • Kavarna
  • Sevananda

Please feel free to send me more for the list. It’s my dream to have a comprehensive list where vegans can find all of the great veg-friendly eats in the city. Let’s show the world how veg-friendly our city really is!


30th Birthday Part 3: Let’s go bowling

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. We were supposed to go to the in-laws for Mother’s Day, but my MIL got sick. So we spent a lot of the day lazing about and reading.

That night, we met up with my friends E & T. I grew up next-door to E, and we’ve been friends ever since. She lives up in Brookhaven, so we met them for an evening of bowling at 300 Atlanta.

300 Atlanta is a pretty swanky bowling alley with nice plush seating and your own “lane attendant” who will bring you drinks and food. Not much on the menu looked vegan friendly, but I do know that for special occasions, they’ll do a vegetarian buffet on request.

I did pretty well. Except for one game which was just abysmal.

Monday was my real birthday and D had one more surprise in store. . .

A hot stone massage!!!!

I love love love hot stone massages. He booked an appointment at Natural Body Spa and it was sublime. It’s been more than a year, if not more than two years since my last massage. Well, we did have a massage on our honeymoon, but it wasn’t a HOT STONE! I’m a little obsessed.

That night, we decided to chill out at home with some wine, and make a homemade pizza to christen our pizza stone.

We threw on Daiya, marinara sauce, avocado and soy crumbles. Delish!!

We also picked up some cupcakes from Carolyn’s Cupcakes and More in Oak Grove. They have Vegan cupcakes!!

It was an amazing birthday weekend. Thanks to my hubs for planning such a special entrance into my 30’s!


Hi loyal readers (I think we’re up to 10 now, so thanks for reading!) –

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m currently battling a nasty cold (hopefully not flu). Whoever said Vegans don’t get sick was a big giant liar.

Before the sickness came (i.e. last weekend), we took River to Parkgrounds. For those not familiar, Parkgrounds is a coffeehouse/cafe in Cabbagetown that happens to have a dog park attached to it. They also have a vegan friendly menu, which is a plus!

So on Saturday, we put our big pup in the car and headed over for brunch.

We ordered two vegan breakfast burritos, which had tofu scramble and hashbrowns, wrapped in a spinach tortilla. The burritos were great and came with a side of salsa and guac! And of course, we scarfed them down before I could snap a picture, but let our empty plates be a testament to the yumminess.


Parkgrounds has an outside patio where we could sit and eat, while supervising River in the dog park area. It’s a pretty small fenced in area, and with a big dog like ours, he didn’t have a whole lot of room to run. Also, part of the fence was shorter and made of wood (instead of chain link). River could have easily jumped it if he wanted to, but he seemed more interested in marking the fence than jumping over it.

Also, some of the owners were bad about picking up after their dog “did their business,” so that was a little frustrating. I also think a few owners dropped their dog in the park and then ate inside, which I think is a big no-no. I mean, would you leave your kid on a playground unattended? But, I’m not sure there is much management could do about either of these issues. They have posted rules, it’s up to the customers to abide by them.

River runs through it.

However, Parkgrounds is a great place to grab brunch/lunch, a coffee, or even a drink and be able to take your canine companion along. River had fun, and we enjoyed our meals and coffee. I’d definitely go back sometime, but as far as a regular dog park, it’s a little too small for our big pup.

If you have a big dog, that needs some room to run, I definitely recommend Brook Run Dog Park in Dunwoody. It’s close to Brookhaven. It’s a four acre park that is really well kept and run. River LOVES going there. He usually finds some pups to run with, and then spends an hour playing chase around the park. The dog owners all seem really friendly too.

OK, time for bed.

12 Vegan-Friendly Eateries to Try in 2012

As an addendum to my 30 resolutions, I’m also resolving to try one new vegan/vegan friendly restaurant per month. This year, I’d like to try (and I know, I’m ashamed I haven’t been to some of these places, but hey, I’m a new veg):

1. Ria’s Bluebird

2. Stone Soup Kitchen

3. Park Grounds – River really wants to try it too. He loves the dog park.

4. Dulce Vegan

5. Lov’n It Live

6. Sauced

7. Queen of Sheba Ethiopean

8. Thinking Man Tavern

9. Soul Veg

10. Evos

11. Broadway Cafe

12. Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe (ok, it’s not an eatery, but it’s like a Vegan Mecca of shopping. So it counts)

What are your favorite Vegan/Vegan Friendly restaurants in Atlanta? Any to be added to our “Where Can a Vegan Eat?” List?

Vegan Red Wine

It’s been a hectic week. I HAVE been cooking, but again, I suck at taking photos.

Last week was sort of “Indian” week in our household. I made a lot of HH recipes including the Red Lentil Dal which is super easy and yummy. Tonight, it’s Italian with spaghetti and meatless balls (I just giggled typing that).

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at the Kosher Kroger, which is the most awesome Kroger in the city. (Sidenote: we like to name our Kroger grocery stores in Atlanta. There’s kosher kroger, disco kroger, hipster kroger and the famous Murder Kroger – it has its own dedicated Facebook group). Kosher Kroger has an insane organic section, and I find I spend most of my time and money there. Well, I’ve been looking for organic and sulfite free wine, since the sulfites give me migraines, and I found this brand called Our Daily Red.

Our Daily Red

Our Daily Red

It’s also vegan-friendly! It’s a simple red table wine and very affordable (I think I paid $7 or $8 for it). The makers, Orlean Hills Winery, also has a full line of reds and whites, but I haven’t found them in Atlanta yet. I’m guessing Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s carries this brand.