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A Vegan Birthday Party!

Over the weekend, we celebrated my mom’s birthday! As I’ve written about before, my mom is plant strong/vegan and made the switch shortly after learning about my choice to stop eating animals and how it had helped with my own health issues.

My mom is truly an inspiration, and I hope to get a guest blog post from her soon!

So, of course, when her birthday came around, I knew that I wanted to host a totally vegan party for her!

In all the excitement, I forgot to take photos of the celebration. Bad blogger!

For appetizers, we had an assortment of vegan cheeses (mom, you’ll have to comment about the brand name of the cheese you brought, it was delicious!). I put out the Daiya Jack Style Wedge and some Follow Your Heart Cheddar.  My mom brought some “cheese” she found online and one was an herb-style spreadable cheese that was amazing!

I also made some vegan french onion dip. Did you know that most onion dip mixes are vegan? Just mix a packet with Tofutti and you have a yummy dip that “tastes pretty good for being vegan” – according to my father. That’s an understatement, I think it’s better than the non-vegan version!

For the main course, we enjoyed Chef Chloe’s vegan alfredo, a salad provided by my brother-in-law, and some garlicky green beans. I was a little too prepared though, because I made everything too early I think. The alfredo ended up heating for a long time, and was actually a little cold by the time it got to the table. Also, since I doubled the recipe, the sauce was a little bland (but I’m always afraid to over salt everything). Also, I should have tripled the recipe.

Lessons learned for next time. I’ll probably stick with lasagna for future group dinners.

But, everyone was very polite, and said everything tasted good. Thanks for sparing the hostesses feelings everyone.

The star of the evening (other than mom) was the birthday cake!








We served the vegan old fashioned chocolate cake from Southern Sweets!  This is one of the best tasting cakes I have ever had. It’s chocolatey goodness with chocolate chips and sprinkles. mixed into the layers of the dough. I’m a frosting fiend, so I’m definitely a fan of this cake.

We have leftovers. It’s dangerous.

It was a successful party and our first in the new house. Even the non-vegans were happy (and trust me, they are hard to please).

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!