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ETL Week One

ETL Six Week Challenge is going well. I’m already down three pounds!

It’s been a busy busy week, but I’ve managed to find easy meals that fit the Eat to Live guidelines, and that satisfy my hubbers too.

What did we eat this week?

I found this recipe on Fat Free Vegan Kitchen for No-Pasta Eggplant Lasagna. I actually used the recipe from Happy Herbivore Cookbook for the Tofu Ricotta as the filling, since I like it and it’s a super simple recipe. Since the “salad is the main course” I also had a HUGE mixed greens salad, topped with Chickpeas and Nooch.

From Fat Free Vegan’s website. Not my photo.

Another night, we enjoyed the Asparagus and Chickpea Casserole from Fat Free Vegan. I actually used green beans instead of asparagus.  I also took Susan’s recommendation and made gluten free with cornstarch instead of using flour. D loved it, especially because it was topped with hash browns!

R. Thomas vegan yummies

On Tuesday, I had a doctor’s appointment at Piedmont Hospital. D wanted to treat me to lunch following the appointment, so we decided to try out R. Thomas Deluxe Grill, a funky 24-hour diner that has a ton of vegetarian and vegan friendly options. I ordered the Lucky Green Tea Bowl, which had quinoa, tofu and a plethora of other veggies. It was topped with a kale/collard salad. They probably used more oil than Dr. Fuhrman would have liked, but it was delicious.

D enjoyed a tofu scramble, with vegan sausage and the kale/collard salad. Although he said the tofu scramble wasn’t as good as my tofu scramble (shh. Don’t tell him it’s really Happy Herbivore’s Tofu Scramble).

I’ll be posting more eats from week two!

Myths and Lasagna

Happy Monday!

I promised a post about Vegan myths, but I thought I would let the “experts” dispel some myths and found a great article from the Washington Post about the top five vegan myths. Click the link to learn: is it expensive to be a vegan? Are you still manly if you are a vegan? and, BUT, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?!?!!? (The top question of vegans).

There is a lot of good reading out there. See my previous post about transitioning for ideas. Also, just use the power of google and you’ll find loads of articles and research.

I throw around the term “vegan,” but I really can’t call myself a vegan. It’s an easy moniker to use, because most people don’t realize that vegans are Vegan about their whole life, from what they wear to the household products they buy, to reducing the amount of trash they produce.

I’m “plant-strong” or “veganish” or just an herbivore. But I’m of the belief that everyone starts somewhere, and if you cut out animal products, you are leaving less of a footprint on this earth. I’m not perfect, I’ve made stumbles, but I’m trying and committing myself to this.

But, let me step off of the soap box and tell you about DINNER. Tonight I made Happy Herbivore’s Lasagna Rolls and they were delicious. I even took my own photo for once!


It’s super easy to make. The tofu mixture tasted just like ricotta. I love the single portions, it makes for a good lunch (or repeat dinner) the next day! Also, I’m completely addicted to Daiya “cheese” now.  We had Mellow Mushroom yesterday and they carry Daiya too!

I used fresh spinach instead of frozen. And instead of mixing the spinach in with the tofu, I just place the spinach leaves on top of the mixture on the noodles. Bon Appetit!