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2013 Resolutions

Last year, I made 30 resolutions for my 30th year. I’m not going to make 31 resolutions this year. I’ll stick with a more manageable number. Like five.

I enjoyed having my resolutions written down somewhere public. It gave me somewhere to reference, and kept me accountable. So without further ado – my 2013 resolutions:

1. Sucessfully complete Yoga Teacher Training! – My yoga instructor is offering her first teacher training. I’m so excited to be participating. I can’t wait to start this journey!

2. Proactively hang out with my friends (i.e. Invite people places more) – I tend to be a hermit. And after some of the events of last year, I felt most nights like sitting on my couch watching Homeland and drinking wine. I have some awesome friends, I have some awesome friends moving to Atlanta (yay!!!) and I’ve met some great people that I’d like to hang out with more. So, I’ll get up off my butt and call people, and do things.

3. Only drink once a week during teacher training – I know this might make No. 2 a little tricky, but No. 1 will flourish if I can stick with this one. It’s not like I’m a lush, but when I did Operation Bootcamp before the wedding, I saw much better results during the month where I only had one or two drinks per week.

4. Don’t cheat anymore with dairy products. – In 2012, I was probably 98% vegan. I had some cheats, mostly with baked goods and once during a dire situation where the only thing available was a quesadilla. This year, let’s be 100%. No more cheats.

5. Travel for Fun – I traveled a lot in 2012, but most of it was work-related. Now, it was awesome, but I definitely want to up the “pleasure” to “business” ratio.  We already have some fun trips planned – Portland in May, Hawaii in June, and either Raleigh again or a West Coast adventure for our anniversary.

So cheers to 2013!

Operation Bootcamp – day 1

I really thought I was going to die yesterday. Sadly, I suck at running, and when I run on my own, it’s more of a run/walk.

Well, when the OBC instructors say they will push you, they aren’t lying. I had to run a mile, no walking, and see how my time was.

It didn’t help that my friend Beth and I were the only one’s at the workout yesterday (and the rest of the group, joining today are OBC veterans).

Beth is in great running shape. I’m not sure what her time was, but after I crossed the finish line at 11 minues and 8 seconds, they had her doing lunges. No rest time for us.

After that mile, I was huffing and puffing (doesn’t help that I’m getting over a bad cough/cold) and I thought I might throw up for a second. But, I pulled myself together and survived day 1.

My PT results for Day one (to be compared to the final day):

Mile run: 11:08

Pushups: 6

Assisted pushups: 6

Sit-ups: 25

Tricep Dips: 29

I should take my measurements so I can compare those too.

I survived, onto day 2! Since it rained last night, it’s sure to be a muddy session.

Operation – Get fit and try not to pass out

So, March was all about starting to eat better. Now, April will be about incorporating regular exercise into my life. What’s my plan?

Operation Bootcamp!

30 days, working out everyday either in a group setting or with “homework.” No alcohol, sweets, or fried foods (except, I’m going to have to cheat for our engagement party.)

My (very fit) friend asked if I would join with her, and since I need to kickstart my ass into high gear, I said yes. I’m glad I’ll have a friend for support, and I hope we are working out with a supportive bunch.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous. However, I’m going to approach this like I did Marathon training a few years ago. Day by day. I’m going to incorporate my new eating habits, and be super strict about no meat, no dairy, no oils, and sadly, no more tater tots or fries.

I don’t own a scale right now, so I’m not sure how much I weigh. However, they say not to weigh yourself during bootcamp, since you’ll be building muscle (which weighs more than fat). I’m going to pay attention to how my clothes fit me and overall muscle tone.

They asked us to come up with some goals for the program. Here are mine:

-Lose a pant size

-Firm up my midsection (i.e. get rid of potbelly)

-Tone my arms (strapless wedding dress)

-Sculpt my back (also, strapless wedding dress)

-Be able to do pushups, and not hate it (I can’t do one pushup, I’m a weakling)

I start tonight after work. Very exciting!!