Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys, How’s it going? Long time no see? Remember that time I said I’d be blogging again in June? Whoops. So, let’s recap all that’s happened since March: I got my 200-hour yoga certification! Woohoo! And started teaching yoga twice a week, and subbing lots. We traveled to Hawaii, Raleigh, and Austin. It was … More Happy Thanksgiving!

2013 Resolutions

Last year, I made 30 resolutions¬†for my 30th year. I’m not going to make 31 resolutions this year. I’ll stick with a more manageable number. Like five. I enjoyed having my resolutions written down somewhere public. It gave me somewhere to reference, and kept me accountable. So without further ado – my 2013 resolutions: 1. … More 2013 Resolutions

Crock Pot Week

This week was busy, and there was no time for grocery shopping. We ate out every night this week. Dave Ramsey would scold us. Anyhoo. I’m heading to the grocery store and have lots of yummy fall-friendly (and EASY) crock pot meals on the menu for next week. Stay tuned! Happy Weekend!


We are back from Raleigh and our pre-anniversary trip to Hopsotch Music Festival! The festival was amazing, and I could probably fill up 10 blog posts with everything we did, but for our purposes, I’ll focus on the food. Two words for you: Remedy Diner. We ate there four times. Yes. Four. Times. Because it … More Raleighgrams

Vida Vegan Con!!

In the midst of the Big Move of 2012 (more to come on our new amazeballs house), I made sure to buy my early bird ticket to Vida Vegan Con 2013 in Portland!! Well, actually I almost forgot. But luckily, right when the pre-sale was beginning I happened to be on my computer setting up … More Vida Vegan Con!!

Back from Berlin!

Hi everyone! I’m back from Berlin. Well, I got back on Sunday, but I’ve been recuperating and catching up on work since then. I’m going to be up front. I never got a chance to try out any vegan restaurant. I was with a few colleagues (who were all carnivores) and we ended up at … More Back from Berlin!

Off to Berlin!!

I’m off to Berlin tonight for a week for work! I’m so excited and hope that I’ll have some time to explore Berlin and try some great vegan eats! I’ve put together a shortlist of places — hopefully I’ll get to try one or two! Vego Foodworld Voner La Mano Verde YoYo Foodworld Any other … More Off to Berlin!!