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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys,

How’s it going? Long time no see?

Remember that time I said I’d be blogging again in June? Whoops.

So, let’s recap all that’s happened since March:

  1. I got my 200-hour yoga certification! Woohoo! And started teaching yoga twice a week, and subbing lots.
  2. We traveled to Hawaii, Raleigh, and Austin. It was all fun, and full of yummy vegan eats. Perhaps I will do a summer/fall travel roundup with the food photos I took along the way.
  3. I got promoted at work. Awesomesauce.
  4. I got another year older. But that’s cool.
  5. I went to Atlanta VegFest 2013, and it was awesome.
  6. We ate out more than I cooked.
  7. I started a new blog for a second, and then realized that I already have some loyal readers at this domain, so I decided to delete that blog and pick back up over here.

So, thank you to the folks that keep checking in on the blog, and that keep sending suggestions for the “Where Can a Vegan Eat in Atlanta” page.

Now that I’ve been teaching/taking lots of yoga, I’ll start covering that topic a little more here. I’ve written about Ahimsa before, so living that branch of yoga definitely fits in with the blog.

The past 9 months have been a blur. But, I’m going to start updating more frequently again. Also, I’ve still been reading lots of vegan blogs, and getting inspiration from all of you!


2013 Resolutions

Last year, I made 30 resolutions for my 30th year. I’m not going to make 31 resolutions this year. I’ll stick with a more manageable number. Like five.

I enjoyed having my resolutions written down somewhere public. It gave me somewhere to reference, and kept me accountable. So without further ado – my 2013 resolutions:

1. Sucessfully complete Yoga Teacher Training! – My yoga instructor is offering her first teacher training. I’m so excited to be participating. I can’t wait to start this journey!

2. Proactively hang out with my friends (i.e. Invite people places more) – I tend to be a hermit. And after some of the events of last year, I felt most nights like sitting on my couch watching Homeland and drinking wine. I have some awesome friends, I have some awesome friends moving to Atlanta (yay!!!) and I’ve met some great people that I’d like to hang out with more. So, I’ll get up off my butt and call people, and do things.

3. Only drink once a week during teacher training – I know this might make No. 2 a little tricky, but No. 1 will flourish if I can stick with this one. It’s not like I’m a lush, but when I did Operation Bootcamp before the wedding, I saw much better results during the month where I only had one or two drinks per week.

4. Don’t cheat anymore with dairy products. – In 2012, I was probably 98% vegan. I had some cheats, mostly with baked goods and once during a dire situation where the only thing available was a quesadilla. This year, let’s be 100%. No more cheats.

5. Travel for Fun – I traveled a lot in 2012, but most of it was work-related. Now, it was awesome, but I definitely want to up the “pleasure” to “business” ratio.  We already have some fun trips planned – Portland in May, Hawaii in June, and either Raleigh again or a West Coast adventure for our anniversary.

So cheers to 2013!

Crock Pot Week

This week was busy, and there was no time for grocery shopping. We ate out every night this week. Dave Ramsey would scold us.

Anyhoo. I’m heading to the grocery store and have lots of yummy fall-friendly (and EASY) crock pot meals on the menu for next week.

Stay tuned!

Happy Weekend!


We are back from Raleigh and our pre-anniversary trip to Hopsotch Music Festival! The festival was amazing, and I could probably fill up 10 blog posts with everything we did, but for our purposes, I’ll focus on the food.
Two words for you: Remedy Diner.

We ate there four times. Yes. Four. Times.

Because it was the best.

As you know, I had my short list of places to eat. But when it came down to actually being in Raleigh, we were limited to choices within walking distance of our hotel and in good proximity to our venue. I’m sure there are other good places to eat — but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Remedy was in the perfect location and had such a DIVERSE menu, that we were more curious about trying out as many of their menu items as possible.

Everything we had there was good. So I’ll spare the talking writing and just show you pictures.

Vegan Crab Cake and Fries

Tempeh Tantrum Sandwich (and hubbers’ hand)

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Beautiful back patio where we sat for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

Morning refreshments

No Huevos Rancheros

We also ordered the vegan Sopapilla Cheesecake. It was so good, we gobbled it up before we could get a photo.

Quinoa Burger

Vegan Quesadillas with Daiya and Tofutti

With a name like “mother earth,” I hope it was vegan.

We also stopped by an Irish Pub, Tir Na Nog on Friday morning for one of the many day parties that take place during Hopscotch. I had the best bloody mary ever there. We ate dinner here one night too as they have some vegan items on the menu, but I wasn’t too hungry, so I just nibbled on some hummus and veggies.

Best Bloody Mary Ever in the History of the World

We had so much fun and it was a great way to kick off our anniversary celebration!!

Vida Vegan Con!!

In the midst of the Big Move of 2012 (more to come on our new amazeballs house), I made sure to buy my early bird ticket to Vida Vegan Con 2013 in Portland!!

Well, actually I almost forgot. But luckily, right when the pre-sale was beginning I happened to be on my computer setting up the gas transfer for the new house. Then I just happened to pop over to facebook to feed my addiction and saw their update! So, it really was meant to be.






“But Rachel, isn’t May far away?”

Well, yes-ish. But one of my new year’s resolutions was to attend a blogger conference, so I’m checking it off my 2012 list. I’m SO excited. It’s a chance to meet and hear from some of my favorite vegan bloggers, and also learn tips to make my blog a better place for my readers. Also, I’m hoping I’ll get to meet some of you in Portland too!

Let me know if you are planning to attend the con next year. I’ve never been to Portland either, so I’m excited to visit this Vegan Mecca of Wonder.

Back from Berlin!

Hi everyone! I’m back from Berlin. Well, I got back on Sunday, but I’ve been recuperating and catching up on work since then.

I’m going to be up front. I never got a chance to try out any vegan restaurant. I was with a few colleagues (who were all carnivores) and we ended up at a lot of restaurants that served traditional German food like Schnitzel and Streudel. Luckily, mostly every restaurant had a vegan/vegetarian option. Most of the time, it was pasta. So my eating in Germany wasn’t really anything too exciting.

However, the trip was lots of fun, and I wanted to share some photos with everyone.

I was in Berlin to host a joint press conference with the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (my employer), Delta Air Lines, Georgia Tourism and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The airport is opening a new international terminal on May 16. The press conference took place at ITB, which is the largest travel trade show in the world.

Emirates brings you the world

To get an idea of the size and scope of this conference – it takes up about 25 buildings in one of the largest convention complexes in the world. Destinations, Airlines, tour companies, hotels, etc. spend oodles of money. Emirates Airlines build a three-story globe to showcase their on-board showers and new first class offerings. The top two levels are for schmoozing top tier customers.

Egypt's pyramid of fun

So after the conference, we had a little time for some sightseeing. First, we went to the Brandenburg Gate.

Brandenburg Gate

Then we visited a portion of the Berlin Wall right around the corner from the hotel.

That's probably new graffiti.

I also took some time to visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The memorial is supposed to give a feeling of anxiety and confusion, similar to what the Jews felt during the Holocaust. It’s really more of a lunch spot where teenagers play hide and seek. I was more anxious a teenager was going to run me over. But, underneath the memorial is a museum about the Holocaust. It would be a whole other blog post to describe.

We attempted to climb to the top of the dome on the Reichstag, but apparently you need to make a reservation days in advance.

Blurry Dark Reichstag

Finally, no trip to Germany would be complete without Beer!


Also, can anyone tell me what the heck the first icon is doing in this warning I found in the bathroom?

Why are her knees inverted?!?!

Off to Berlin!!

I’m off to Berlin tonight for a week for work! I’m so excited and hope that I’ll have some time to explore Berlin and try some great vegan eats!

I’ve put together a shortlist of places — hopefully I’ll get to try one or two!

Any other vegan Berlin suggestions?

I’ll blog about my travels when I return, but in the meantime I’ve scheduled some posts to run while on my trip (just know that I won’t be able to reply right away).