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Vegan Wings at Graveyard Tavern

D played a show at The Basement (the venue underneath Graveyard Tavern) on Saturday night, so we took advantage of the opportunity to go upstairs and check out the mythical vegan wings that I keep hearing and reading about. I was not dissapointed.

Now, I don’t think I can really remember what an actual Chicken Wing tasted like, but these little nuggets were wonderful! They came with a side of fries and vegan ranch sauce. Either they gave us the wrong sauce, or their idea of ranch is along the lines of horseradish sauce. But, it was still a good pairing for the wings.


It’s $8 for the wings/fries combo. I could have shared them, they were quite filling. But a good option for a night out at the bar.

Graveyard Tavern is having some big 12/21/12 apocalypse party, so go get yourself some vegan wings and party down!

More Atlanta Eats!

I’ve added more restaurants to the Where Can a Vegan Eat in Atlanta? page.

Recent additions:

  • El Myr
  • Wrecking Bar
  • Revolution Doughnuts
  • Dough Bakery
  • Fuego Mundo
  • Kavarna
  • Sevananda

Please feel free to send me more for the list. It’s my dream to have a comprehensive list where vegans can find all of the great veg-friendly eats in the city. Let’s show the world how veg-friendly our city really is!

Vegantine’s Day!

So yesterday was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, and the first as Vegans! The day started at 2 a.m., when D got home from work and brought me some beautiful flowers and a sweet card. I didn’t get a good picture, but I assure you, the flowers are beautiful (red roses, white lilies).

For lunch, I made a trip over to Kirkwood to Dulce Vegan to get some vegan treats! I chose chocolate, vanilla and Oreo cupcakes. Of course, we demolished the chocolate before I could get a picture. These cupcakes are AMAZING. I brought some back for my non-vegan co-workers, and one even said she liked these better than “regular” cupcakes.

Vanilla and Oreo from Dulce Vegan

 I also grabbed a sandwich for lunch while I was there. I got the TLT (Tempeh “Bacon,” Lettuce, andTtomato). Did I like it? I’ll let the picture speak for itself, but again, I devoured almost the whole sandwich before remembering to grab a photo.

TLT from Dulce Vegan

Last night, D and I went to Wrecking Bar Brewpub for dinner. It was the perfect V-Day spot – not too crowded, quiet, great ambiance and great beer. We both had the Seitan Gyro Wrap with Kale, Fries and Brussels Sprouts. All super yummy. Forgot to get photos. Whoops!


River shows some V-day love

Then we came home, ate another cupcake and went to bed. A perfect Vegantine’s Day!

Wallet Un-friendly Week

This week has been bananas, I’ve had something to do pretty much every night after work. Luckily, it’s all been fun stuff, but it meant for a lot of eating out! My wallet is crying a little. So where did I eat this week?

Tuesday – Alma Cocina

An old work friend, who I havent seen for almost two years, was in Atlanta for some meetings. Through the power of twitter, we reconnected and met up for drinks after my yoga class. Alma Cocina is a BEAUTIFUL new mexican/Latin American inspired restaurant downtown. We only went for margaritas (to die for) and some chips/guac. The Guacamole with Butternut Squash is fabulous, we got it sans cheese. The menu looks delish, but I’m not sure how vegan-friendly, but it looked like they did have some options that could easily be made vegan friendly on their menu.

They were PACKED when we went in because there were a lot of meetings in town, and downtown is our convention/tourism district. At first, we were told the wait was an hour, but I think the hostess took pity on us, watching us stalk people at the bar. She came up to us and told us she had a table opening up, and that it was ours if we would wait a few minutes. Jackpot! Our server was super-attentive and very friendly.

A great place to go for drinks after work and for their guac. The ambiance is trendy, but with a cozy, warm, approachable feel. I’d definitely go back to explore their menu more.

Wednesday – Wrecking Bar Brewpub

I’ve been SO curious about this property for a long time. I think it was an antiques shop for a while? But when I heard they were converting into a brewery/event space/pub I knew I wanted to try it.

D was playing a show at Star Bar in L5P (Little Five Points, for the non-Atlantans, is our sort of “bohemian” neighborhood) Wednesday night. I had a long overdue date with my friend Beth, and since she lives in Candler Park, right near Star Bar, I suggested Wrecking Bar. I had no idea if they would have anything I could eat, but I checked out their menu online and saw some great options.

I had the Veggie Seitan Gyro (without the tahini).

photo courtesy of Wrecking Bar's Facebook Page

I also had a side of their brussels and butternut squash hash (I’m on a butternut kick). They also had some yummy looking Kale on the menu.
Also, I found out that every Tuesday is veggie night! All veggie/vegan specials. I’m definitely going back for that!
Thursday – Crock Pot Chili
Thursday night I had yoga. So before I left for work, I threw some chili in the slow cooker. I combined a recipe for Cheater Chili found in the Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook and the Chili Sans Carne recipe from Happy Herbivore. It cooked for about 8 hours on low. When I got home, I quickly made HH’s no-beef broth and mixed in with the bean. I added a garnish of Tofutti and Daiya chedder.
It tasted great, my only complaint was that some of the beans burned a little, so there were a few chunky bits in the chili. But overall, it turned out great!!
I can’t remember what we ate on Monday. I don’t even remember Monday. It’s like a forgotton day. I might have made Spaghetti and Meatless Balls??
Tonight, I’m thinking stir fry again.
Happy Friday everyone!

Looking for a vegan friendly place to eat?

Then check out my “where can a vegan eat in Atlanta” page above (next to “about Fish Taco Fanatic”). I’m trying to compile a good list of vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in Atlanta. If you know of any others, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Where to eat?

I’ve been slowly compiling a list of vegan-friendly restaurants that I want to try. If you know of others, please comment!

Luckily, Atlanta is a pretty veg friendly city, we even regularly make PETA’s list of vegetarian-friendly cities in North America.

In no particular order:

  • Evos (healthy fast food with Vegan burgers)
  • The Loving Hut (in Norcross)
  • Lov’n it Live (in East Point)
  • Queen of Sheba (near our house!)
  • Soul Veg (in Poncey-Highlands)
  • Dulce Vegan (in Kirkwood, and near our friends the Luminous Vegans )
  • Cafe Sunflower (in Buckhead, one of the most well renowned vegetarian restaurants in the city)
  • Sheik Burritos (currently on ScoutMob! near Cheshire Bridge, also close to our house)
  • Graveyard Tavern (East Point, I hear they have vegan wings. I have to try this)

We’ve already discovered some favorites:

  • Harmony Vegetarian (near Chamblee on Buford Highway)
  • Chat Patti (Indian Vegetarian near our house)
  • Mellow Mushroom (They have great veg options! And some locations event have vegan cheese!)