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Five Vegan Books I Want

In the process of moving, I did a big book purge. I got rid of a lot of my old cookbooks. Sure, I probably could have veganized most of the recipes, but I thought I’d rather give them homes with some nice omnivores so that I could make room for these:

Main Street Vegan

Not just a cookbook, but it looks like a good introduction/refresher to vegan eating and whole plant foods. I can always use a refresher.

Eat and Run

I was a runner for a while, and I really liked it. And then I got lazy. And then I decided I liked Yoga a whole lot better. But, I’d like to get back into some running, so maybe this will give me the inspiration I need.


I still don’t have this book. Everyone says it’s the vegan bible. I want to join the congregation.

Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites

My husband is 6 foot 4. He’s a drummer. He has a job that requires lots of physical labor. He has the fastest metabolism in the world. He’s hungry. All. The. Time.(ILY babe)

Needless to say, we need this book.

Cookin’ Crunk: Eatin’ Vegan in the Dirty South

Vegan Crunk is one of the first blogs I started to follow. I drool over Bianca’s recipes and now I can make them too! Well, whenever the book hits shelves I can.

What books are you looking forward to getting this summer?

A few of my favorite meals

While cooking my way through Happy Herbivore’s and other vegan cookbooks, D and I have found some clear winners that we’ve repeated quite often.

1) Chili Sans Carne, Happy Herbivore Cookbook: It’s SO simple to make. It does take a little time, but the chili is delicious. The flavor is even better the second (and third) day too. Definitely a dish to make that will please everyone, even the omnivores. I like to garnish with Daiya Cheddar and Tofutti Sour Cream.

Image borrowed from Amazon.com


2) BBQ Beans and Rice, The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook: This is a simpler bean dish, only takes 15 minutes. I like to use Organicville BBQ Sauce, because as far as I can tell, it’s oil free. I serve over quinoa or brown rice.

Dr. McD's Cookbook is a must have for new vegans


3) Lasagna Rolls: Also from the HH Cookbook. I’ve blogged about these before. The rolls are a staple in our rotating weekly menus.

Lasagna Rolls, HH Cookbook


4) Hippie Loaf: And another favorite from the HH Cookbook. Also blogged about before. Super easy and super filling. A great winter dish. Perhaps I’ll make this tonight. Or another bowl of chili.

Photo from HappyHerbivore.com

5) Tofu and Kale Stir Fry: My own recipe. It’s super easy and I make it in our new wok that we got for the wedding!

-Extra Firm Tofu – cubed



-Brown Sugar – I don’t really measure, maybe a couple tablespoons

-Vegetable broth – enough to line the pan and coat the tofu

Mix it all together in the wok. Stir around until tofu get a little golden. Serve over brown rice or quinoa. mmmm.

What’s your favorite Vegan meal?