Vegan Shortcuts

Everyone feels a little lazy now and then. Sometimes, I can barely muster up energy to put ingredients in a bowl, let alone chop and peel and dice. So, I’ve found some easy shortcuts that make cooking quick and easy. 1. Pre-chopped veggies: sure, it’s a little more expensive, but you can get pre-chopped onions, … More Vegan Shortcuts

“We’re not having hot mush today. . .we’re having cold mush”

D and I have been traveling a lot the past month. Which means I haven’t been very good about planning meals. I went to the grocery store the other day and just bought a bunch of ingredients that I figured I could turn into something. . . Which has resulted in a lot of meals … More “We’re not having hot mush today. . .we’re having cold mush”

What we ate last week

Life has been super busy lately. Luckily, it’s been busy with good things, but I have a nice backlog of photos from various dinners we’ve enjoyed recently. I’ll start off with lunch! Sometimes, it’s hard to find vegan-friendly food in the food court at work. I stumbled upon this Cajun restaurant and notice that their … More What we ate last week

Interview with the Happy Herbivore – Lindsay Nixon

Since embarking on this journey, I’ve been exploring the blogosphere for inspiration and recipes. One such blog I’ve recently discovered is the Happy Herbivore, Lindsay Nixon. She features yummy recipes, inspiration, and practical advice for those looking to make a healthier lifestyle change and make a positive impact on our environment (and be friendly to … More Interview with the Happy Herbivore – Lindsay Nixon