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Vegan Crab Cake FAIL

Sometimes, we whip up delicious dishes. Dishes so beautiful that we boast and brag to our friends. We post photos of the dish on instagram, and we forward the recipe so that others may enjoy the divine happiness of a dish gone right.

And sometimes. . . well, not so much. This was one of those times.

In my pregan days, I really enjoyed crab. One of my favorite parts of coming to the beach was ordering crab cakes.

So, on this trip to Florida, Mom wanted me to try to make the vegan version of crab cakes from the Vegan Cooking for Carnivores Cookbook. I probably should have stuck with this recipe.

However, I was feeling lazy, and I didn’t want to fry the crab cakes. I thought the baked version from Happy Herbivore sounded easier (and a little healthier), and I was on Beach time – I didn’t want to miss 5 p.m. cocktail hour on the porch (a daily occurrence), because I was slaving away, frying on the hot stove. I’m much more of a “set it and forget it” type of girl.

See that mush in the top left corner. . .yeah, that’s not supposed to look like that.

I can’t blame Happy Herbivore, because people make and enjoy her recipe all the time. I think I might have processed the tofu too much, because what we ended up with was not crab cake-like AT ALL. The consistency was more like scrambled eggs, and it looked. . .well, it looked like one of those fake vomit discs you would buy at the dollar store to gross out your friends.

The taste was fine, once you got past the look of it, but the consistency was all wrong.

So, next time, I’ll try frying them.

*Sigh* You can’t win ’em all.

Brocolli Casserole Conundrum

As mentioned before, my mom is making lots of yummy vegan food during our week together down in Florida.

One night, she tried the Broccoli Cheezy Casserole from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.



Well. . .this is how it turned out.


It was dry, and not very creamy. The taste was great! But the casserole just looked. . .well, a little sad.

Now, I remember back in April I made my own cheezy broccoli casserole from Happy Go Lucky Vegan, which had the right consistency, but came out a little bland.

I’m wondering if I combine the two, that it’ll come out creamy, fluffy and full of yummy cheezy taste!

Do you have any go-to Broccoli Casserole recipes?

Vegan Confession: Tofutti Sour Cream

Hello all. I’m in Florida this week, soaking up some natural vitamin D. I think I’ve mentioned before, my mom is recently vegan, so we’ve been experimenting with some recipes this week. Oh boy, the fun that is in store.
But today. I need to make another vegan confession.

I’m also addicted to Tofutti Sour Cream.

My go-to super-indulgent snack is Veggie Chips dipped in Tofutti. Also, take a Lipton’s onion soup package and mix it with Tofutti and you have a yummy Onion Dip!

I also add it to pretty much every good winter food. Chili, soup, Tacos. You name it, Tofutti Sour Cream will go on it.

So, bless me, for this is my latest confession.

*Tofutti has no idea who I am. I buy TONS of it with my own dime. So needless to say, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just a big, big fan.

Dulce Vegan

We are lucky in Atlanta to have several vegan options, including some fabulous bakeries.

Dulce Vegan in Kirkwood is one of those bakeries.

D and I have made several attempts to visit Dulce Vegan this year, but we keep forgetting that they aren’t open on Monday! Luckily, they are open on Saturday and Sunday, so a few weeks ago, after taking the Atlanta Zombie Tour, we decided to stop at Dulce Vegan for lunch.

Zombie Tour – grrr. argh.

There were so many good choices on the menu that day. I was feeling like something green, so I ordered the brussels sprouts salad.

D ordered the TLT Sandwich, with a cabbage slaw.

Of course, we finished the meal with a cupcake, but I also gobbled it up before I could get a photo, but it looked something like this:

Not my photo. Courtesy of Dulce Vegan’s Facebook Page

Definitely stop by Dulce Vegan if you are ever in Atlanta. I’ve never had a bad meal there, and the best part – it’s ALL vegan!

Oldies, but Goodies

I love trying new recipes, but there are a few staples that I just keep making over and over again. They are usually easy and don’t require much time to cook. I thought I would share them with you, so that I may help make your weeknights easier.

1)Vegan Pizza

Publix usually has vegan dough. I’m still mastering rolling it into a close-to-perfect circle. The best part is that you can put WHATEVER YOU WANT on the pizza. We like to do Daiya cheese, avocado, and occasionally soy crumbles. If I get crazy, I’ll throw some basil on it too. To lighten up the pizza (and make it work-week friendly), try using a pita instead of dough, and just cook for 15 minutes.

2) Veggie Burgers

My favorite veggie burgers are the Pinto Burgers from Everyday Happy Herbivore. They take no time at all, and always come out moist and delicious.

Sorry – I really don’t like the word moist. I can’t believe I just used it. Twice.

That’s how good they are.

3) Ratatouille

I think this is the only recipe I’ve ever had the courage to make from Smitten Kitchen. Just assemble, cook, and voila! A warm and filling meal on your family’s table. It’s great any time of the year. I usually serve with quinoa and a dollop of tofutti.

4) Easiest Lasagna in the World

I’ve blogged about this before. It’s seriously the easiest thing I’ve ever made.

5) Meatless Balls

Not my photo. Courtesy of Happy Herbivore Website

It’s as fun to say as it is to eat! Happy Herbivore’s meatless balls on spaghetti is probably my husband’s favorite dish. I have to be careful, because I could easily eat six of these. They aren’t too high in calories, but paired with spaghetti. . .let’s just say there’s a reason I don’t make it everyday.

I hope these help you in your quest for easy weeknight meals!

What’s your go to recipe?


I spent the weekend in a beautiful place called Round Cove up in the mountains of Franklin County, Tennessee.

The yoga studio where I practice hosted a weekend-long retreat. We enjoyed hours of yoga, hiking, talking, journaling, and. . .eating.

I have to say it was quite refreshing to hang out with a group of people who didn’t care that I was vegan. We all planned meals ahead of time, and everyone was accommodating of my dietary differences. Any questions I was asked about my veganism during the weekend came out of a place of pure curiousity, and there was no negativity or judgement associated with it. It was truly refreshing! I need to hang out with my fellow yogis more often.

There are said to be eight sets of principles of yoga. The first set of principles are Yamas, a set of restraints (or boundaries) that guide our manner and being. Once such Yama is Ahimsa, which stipulates that people should try to live in a non-violent or non-harmful manner. One way some yogis honor ahimsa is through veganism and yoga has long been associated with vegetarianism.(Check out It’s Not Easy Being Vegan’s summary of veganism and yoga).

The theme of our weekend was to release and recharge. We all worked through the week on letting go of something we had been holding onto with hours of meditation and yoga. We closed the weekend with a fire, and we wrote on pieces of paper those things that we wanted to release. We also wrote things that we want for the future.

This weekend was much needed, and I’m thankful for this kind, loving and welcoming community of fellow yogis and friends.


Week 2 of Vegan Mofo! and Virtual Vegan Potluck

Welcome to week 2 of Vegan Mofo!

I spent the weekend at a relaxing and awesome yoga retreat. I’ll be blogging about it this week and how Yoga and Veganism relate.

I’ll also highlight a local vegan bakery in Atlanta, and share with you some of my favorite “oldies but goodies” vegan recipes.

If you are already getting a little misty eyed that October is almost half over (ok, not really, but it feels like the month is moving fast) and you are ready to sign up for another fun vegan event, please consider the Virtual Vegan Potluck!

It was SUCH a fun event last year, please consider signing up for this one! It’s a great way to discover amazing recipes and fun vegan blogs!

More to come!