Crock Pot Week

This week was busy, and there was no time for grocery shopping. We ate out every night this week. Dave Ramsey would scold us. Anyhoo. I’m heading to the grocery store and have lots of yummy fall-friendly (and EASY) crock pot meals on the menu for next week. Stay tuned! Happy Weekend!

What we ate last week

Life has been super busy lately. Luckily, it’s been busy with good things, but I have a nice backlog of photos from various dinners we’ve enjoyed recently. I’ll start off with lunch! Sometimes, it’s hard to find vegan-friendly food in the food court at work. I stumbled upon this Cajun restaurant and notice that their … More What we ate last week

Scared of Cashews

I have a confession. I’m intimidated by cashews. I see all of these yummy vegan recipes. . .and they all require cashews. I don’t know why I’m intimidated. I think anything I have to soak and blend just sounds so difficult. I know one day I’ll try one of these recipes, and I’ll see how … More Scared of Cashews