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Onto Week 2!

Today, I start week two of Operation Boot Camp.

Week one was hard, I’m not going to lie. I cried on Friday it was so difficult. Also, I had a blister on my heel that was bleeding and hurting¬†(sorry if TMI), but I kept going and I finished the workout.

I think my shoes were part of the problem. I was using my running shoes from 2008. Big mistake. Running/workout shoes should be replaced about every 6 months. Especially if you are running every day. So, my shoes were pretty much useless. I bought new shoes on Saturday and hope they’ll work better today.

I worked out over the weekend as well (we have “homework”), but I honestly didn’t push myself as hard because I was sore. But I still got in activity during the weekend, and ate MOSTLY good. The exception was Saturday, we were at a friend’s birthday party in Milledgeville, so there might have been a little bit of over-indulgence.

Because of Good Friday next week, we are doing another five day workout this week. The next two weeks will only be four days.

At the end of week one, I didn’t really see a huge change in my physical appearance. If anything, my stomach is a little bigger, because I’m building up ab muscles, but haven’t burned off the tummy fat yet. That’s kind of frustrating. I do see a change already in my arms.

They say by the end of week two, you can really start seeing the results. So here’ hoping that I look firm and toned by the weekend.

Operation – Get fit and try not to pass out

So, March was all about starting to eat better. Now, April will be about incorporating regular exercise into my life. What’s my plan?

Operation Bootcamp!

30 days, working out everyday either in a group setting or with “homework.” No alcohol, sweets, or fried foods (except, I’m going to have to cheat for our engagement party.)

My (very fit) friend asked if I would join with her, and since I need to kickstart my ass into high gear, I said yes. I’m glad I’ll have a friend for support, and I hope we are working out with a supportive bunch.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous. However, I’m going to approach this like I did Marathon training a few years ago. Day by day. I’m going to incorporate my new eating habits, and be super strict about no meat, no dairy, no oils, and sadly, no more tater tots or fries.

I don’t own a scale right now, so I’m not sure how much I weigh. However, they say not to weigh yourself during bootcamp, since you’ll be building muscle (which weighs more than fat). I’m going to pay attention to how my clothes fit me and overall muscle tone.

They asked us to come up with some goals for the program. Here are mine:

-Lose a pant size

-Firm up my midsection (i.e. get rid of potbelly)

-Tone my arms (strapless wedding dress)

-Sculpt my back (also, strapless wedding dress)

-Be able to do pushups, and not hate it (I can’t do one pushup, I’m a weakling)

I start tonight after work. Very exciting!!