Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys, How’s it going? Long time no see? Remember that time I said I’d be blogging again in June? Whoops. So, let’s recap all that’s happened since March: I got my 200-hour yoga certification! Woohoo! And started teaching yoga twice a week, and subbing lots. We traveled to Hawaii, Raleigh, and Austin. It was … More Happy Thanksgiving!

2013 Resolutions

Last year, I made 30 resolutions¬†for my 30th year. I’m not going to make 31 resolutions this year. I’ll stick with a more manageable number. Like five. I enjoyed having my resolutions written down somewhere public. It gave me somewhere to reference, and kept me accountable. So without further ado – my 2013 resolutions: 1. … More 2013 Resolutions


I spent the weekend in a beautiful place called Round Cove up in the mountains of Franklin County, Tennessee. The yoga studio where I practice hosted a weekend-long retreat. We enjoyed hours of yoga, hiking, talking, journaling, and. . .eating. I have to say it was quite refreshing to hang out with a group of … More Ahimsa