Where can a Vegan eat in Atlanta?

*Updated 11/11/16*

Below are some vegan-friendly restaurants in Atlanta. I’ve been compiling a list of places that I want to try and thought I would share in case others are looking for vegan-friendly restaurants in Atlanta as well. Let me know in the comments if there are any restaurants I’m missing as the landscape is constantly changing.

This is what is, to my knowledge, vegan. Please confirm specific items with the restaurants or indicate in the comments.

Ansley Park

Green Sprout Vegetarian– chinese vegetarian/vegan

Avondale Estates

Good Karma Coffee House – Vegan and gluten-free options.

My Parent’s Basement – Your neighborhood comic book bar! Veggie specials on Thursday nights, most can me made vegan. They say they are going to add some more vegan items to the menu full-time. Go there and support them and ask for more vegan items! They are really good people too.

Palookaville – Boozy vegan milkshakes. Not a ton of vegan food options, but they do clearly mark on the menu.

Rising Son – Vegan Grit Bowl. Good cocktails. Occasional veggie specials.

Buckhead/Piedmont/Cheshire Bridge

Cafe Sunflower – Award-winning vegetarian food in Buckhead and Sandy Springs. Buckhead location now serving Sunday Brunch!

Grindhouse Killer Burgers – Vegan friendly veggie burger*. Also check out their downtown location in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market and Decatur location.*Update – a commenter tells me these are no longer vegan-friendly. Can anyone confirm?

R. Thomas – Healthy vegetarian and vegan in Buckhead. They do keep live birds though.

Buford Highway

Harmony Vegetarian – chinese vegetarian/vegan

Briarcliff/North Decatur/Toco Hills/

Go Vegetarian – Vegan soul food. Fried everything.

Bhojanic – Indian (lots of vegan items denoted on the menu)

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen – Ethiopian

Queen of Sheba – Ethiopian

Chat Patti – Indian

Pita Palace – Famous kosher pitas. Falafel and stuff for carnivores too.

Taqueria El Vecino – Vegetarian/Vegan options on the menu. Sweet Potato and Plantain Enchaladas w/out Queso.

Napoleon’s – The Thai Tofu Tacos are superb. I also order the Napoleon’s bowl sans Queso and Feta (just double-check your order to make sure, sometimes they forget to leave off the cheeses).


Hovan – Mediterranean


Ria’s Bluebird – Vegan breakfast!

Park Grounds – Dog park and coffee house rolled into one. Lots of vegan options to choose from on the menu.

Village Pizza – Vegan pizzas on menu. Soy meats and soy cheeses.

Homegrown –  Vegan sloppy joe special.

Candler Park/Little 5 Points

El Myr – Vegan-friendly tacos and burritos. Just omit the cheese and sour cream (and maybe bring your own vegan condiments too).

Go Vinda’s – Vegan and Vegetarian

Radial – Sustainable, lots of vegan options in Candler Park.

Wrecking Bar – Honestly, we’ve been disappointed with their vegan food options lately. Beer is vegan though.

Sevananda – Natural foods market with a great buffet for quick lunches or dinners.


Dulce Vegan – Vegan bakery and cafe in Kirkwood

Elmyriachi – Run by the same folks as El Myr. Lots of vegan options, or options that could be made vegan. Also, the servers actually know what vegan means, which is helpful and impressive.

Kavarna – Cute coffee house featuring locally brewed coffee and vegan lunch/dinner options. You can even catch live music here!

Southern Sweets – Another bakery with great vegan dessert and lunch options.

Thinking Man Tavern – Lots of veggie options that can be made vegan.

Revolution Doughnuts – New and yummy doughnut shop with a great vegan selection. They also have yummy “coolers” and iced coffee to cool off during the hot Atlanta summer.

Urban Pie – I’m told they have vegan cheese. I can’t confirm whether the crust is vegan.


East Atlanta

Graveyard Tavern – Vegan wings in East Atlanta.

Holy Taco – Best taco place in the city in East Atlanta, with vegan taco on the menu. Carnivores will be happy too.

So-Ba – Vietnamese in East Atlanta, also with some good vegan options.

The Earl – East Atlanta music venue and bar with good vegan food options. We spend a lot of time in East Atlanta since hubbers is a drummer.

East Point

Lov’n It Live – Live/Raw Food in East Point, GA

Edgewood/Inman Park/O4W

Ammazza – They have two vegan pizza options.

Urban Pl8 – Moving to Krog Street Market!


Herban Fix Vegan Restaurant – In the old Dogwood space. Vegan brunch on Sundays.

Barrelhouse – Commenter tells me they have vegan wings.

TAP – denotes vegan friendly items on their menu. and they have Daiya cheese.

West Midtown

Yeah! Burger – Has vegan menu! Also a location in Virginia Highland.

Tom + Chee – Vegan grilled cheese!

Stationside – Some great veggie options on there menu. Great place to grab a bite before a show at Terminal West. Confirm vegan items.

Poncey Highlands

Soul Vegetarian – Vegan soul food in Poncey Highlands and West End

Cameli’s Pizza – They have Daiya cheese available.Also L5P location. (Thanks Kamilah for the tip!)

West End

Healthful Essence – Vegan and vegetarian Caribbean.

Tassili’s Raw Reality – Raw vegan cafe.

Viva La Vegan – All vegan.


Avocado Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar – Vegan restaurant in Alpharetta

Vito’s Pizza – Haven’t tried it yet, but they have tons of vegan options and vegan tiramisu!

The Loving Hut – A vegan chain restaurant in Norcross and Sandy Springs.

Cafe Life – Marietta

The Grit – Athens, Ga. Vegetarian and vegan. OK, so it’s not in Atlanta, but it’s beloved by Atlantans. Get the Golden Bowl. It’s noochy awesomeness.

Fuego Mundo – Located just inside the Perimeter, Fuego Mundo features an extremely vegan friendly menu. Tons of items to choose from. It’s also kosher-friendly.

Veg Friendly Chains in/Around Atlanta

Mellow Mushroom – most locations have Daiya, and can make the crust without the Parmesan/butter wash to make the crust vegan.

Doc Chey’s – Noodle and rice bowls. Also a favored lunch place every day of my senior year of high school, resulting in me gaining the freshman 15 a year early.

And More!

This is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Drive down Buford Highway and you’ll be met with a plethora of international cuisine – Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, South American, Ethiopian, and on and on.  Some are more vegan-friendly than others, but some of the fun is in the exploration!


37 thoughts on “Where can a Vegan eat in Atlanta?

  1. Thank-you SO much for this! I’m in Atlanta every Labor Day weekend. We usually go for Indian food but now there are more options!

  2. This is a good list. Thanks for compiling it. You may want to add R. Thomas in Buckhead for any meal, Cameli’s Pizza (they have Daiya cheese), Village Pizza (soy meat and soy cheese), Urban Pl8 in West Midtown for dinner, and Doc Cheys in Poncey Highland, Grant Park and Emory Village for noodle and rice bowls.

  3. I love the list! As a fellow Atlanta native and vegan, I’ve tried some of these places, but I’m excited to check out a few I hadn’t heard of. Like vegan wings? WHAT! I’d reccomend checking out World Peace Cafe too! They do all veggie and some vegan dishes!

  4. The greatest, most elaborate (and most expensive) vegan meal I’ve had in Atlanta was at Restaurant Eugene. They do a multi-course tasting menu with wine pairings, and they accommodate vegans beautifully if you give them a heads up when you make a reservation.

  5. I, too, was a FFTF for years, but(my wife and I) have moved (on? up? down? across? diagonally?) to a vegan plan, so thank you for this list!

    (Got to your blog from the yummy-vegan-tacos Pure Abundance folks at the Atlanta Nosh…)

  6. Truly the best list I’ve seen for Atlanta! I live in Kirkwood, am newly vegan and pretty scared to try to eat at a restaurant (besides Dulce Vegan, they definitely know my face there!).. I don’t know what or how to ask my server to make accommodations. And I was wondering if Revolution had vegan options. Can’t wait to go check it out!

    1. Jess,
      Just tell them you are a Vegan. I do that when they come to take my order and then ask them if they can suggest menu items for me. It is easy to leave the cheese off of a salad or put a sauce on the side. I have found that the servers want to please you and most are quite knowledgeable and if they aren’t they can ask the Chef. Remember, they are hoping you will leave them a nice tip.
      Rachel’s Mom

  7. Yesterday was my Birthday and after a totally Veggie lunch at Murphy’s in Virginia Highlands with friends (they were very Vegan accommodating) I was craving a burger and onion rings. On your recommendation, your Father and I headed over to The Grindhouse Killer Burgers. What a great place!! Perfect for our family! I had a super delicious vegan veggie burger with lettuce, tomato,onion, and mustard. Your father, the Carnivore, had a blue cheese burger he loved and we split an order of perfectly made onion rings. The batter was nice and crunchy and not overwhelming and dripping in grease. And there are actually sweet Vidalia onions in these onion rings. I’m ready to go back for more! In addition to the veggie burger, they also have a Turkey burger on their menu. That would make your sister happy. Finally, a place we can all go and eat together and everyone can be happy! It can be hard being green. Thank you Grindhouse and Rachel for making it a little easier.
    Love, Your Mom

  8. Love your blog! I’m so excited to see a list compiled like this! I’m an Atlantan too, and just started a vegan diet. I’ve been vegetarian for 3 years, and thought the transition to being a vegan wouldn’t be too difficult. The truth of the matter is that the transition has been fine, but the eating-out part of being vegan has been the hardest for me. It’s good to now know my options!

  9. Great list. I’m a west coast vegan and have really struggled to find good vegan food in the city. One place worth noting is Ammazza on the O4W. They have 2 vegan pizzas made with cashew cheeze that they make in house. It’s pretty amazing. Rivals any vegan pizza I’ve had in Seattle and the Bay Area.

  10. Awesome list! If you’re still adding Hovan in Brookhaven has amazing vegan options! The falafel’s, potatoes salad, soups, wraps, grape leaves, and a ton of Greek food I can’t spell 🙂 It is owned by a family and they make everything in house and take pride in their food. My family and I go there weekly now and always have excellent customer service and the food is always delicious!

  11. Urban pie (a pizza place) in kirkwood has vegan cheese.

    Barrelhouse by GT has vegan wings! *delish*

    La fonda has vegetarian rice and beans and lots of veggie options.

    Tijuana garage in l5p has a buffalo tofu taco

    Healthful essence on the west side (by the original soul veg) is a vegan Caribbean/soul food place.

    The flying biscuit has a tofu scramble, potatoes, and fruit.

  12. Have you considered adding Vito’s Pizza & Ristorante at 2800 Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta? They have an entire vegan menu complete with vegan cheese & Gardein (vegan) meats!

  13. Grindhouse burgers are NOT vegan. They contain egg.

    Also, every “vegan” burger in Atlanta is served on a nonvegan bun.

    The famous “quinoa” burger at Farm Burger is also NOT vegan. It’s annoying.

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